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Comic Site Rant: Paradise Lost

Original Post I guess I need to backtrack and provide negative commentary for the last comic in addition to providing negative commentary for this current comic, considering I was pretty lazy last update. The character art in the last comic … Continue reading

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HARD COVER. Real manga hardly ever get hard covers.

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[NSFW] WE GOT THIS SHIT FOR FREE, MAN! Oh and I paid for this one thing.

(Note: I kind of have this mental post backlog that I’m burning through at the moment. I have time to kill so I might as well) There are nice people in this world. mt-i is one of those nice people. … Continue reading

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I want to fuck ERIN

Alright alight, I’ll admit it– I’m taking Japanese classes at my school. I’ve been taking them for something like a year now, and this semester I’ve moved up to the intermediate-level class. I don’t know what took them so long, … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Dreamin’ Dreamin’

Original Post See! I told you it’d be the same joke again! And this comic is more poorly written than the last. I really gotta learn to streamline my writing like Penny Arcade. How does Tycho do it? Man’s a … Continue reading

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Manga Matsuri AFTERMATH

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Comic Site Rant: Watashi Rashiku

Original Post I really like how this comic came together. Everything from the lineart, to the colouring, to the backgrounds looks almost exactly as planned. I’m sure there are rough patches here and there, but I really like this one. … Continue reading

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I do not believe it!

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Manga Matsuri PART III

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Manga Matsuri PART II

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