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Comic Update: Lounge Designers Killer

Original Post Just a quick update before I take off for Otakon. Incidentally, if you’d like to see me at Otakon, details about doing that can be found here. I was going to watch an episode of Strike Witches before … Continue reading

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Mistakes of Youth@Otakon 2010

This is more or less the same stuff I mentioned back in this news post, but it’s just good to have this stuff consolidated to one post, right? Right! But yeah, my broke and sorry ass is gonna be creeping … Continue reading

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Re: Sato Dai

Alright, so a little while ago Sato Dai–one of the main writers for Cowboy Bebop (Perhaps you’ve heard of it?)–said some pretty critical things about the Japanese anime industry. The industrious folks over at Otaku2 put up a summary of … Continue reading

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Comic Update: Chocolate Disco

Original Post A new comic, and only a month too late! It’s been busy over here at Mistakes of Youth Headquarters, okay? And it’s still pretty busy, but not too busy for me not to throw together a little comic … Continue reading

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Random Magazine Scans

Alrighty guys, ever since I’ve touched down in DC things have been a little quiet. I’ve been getting my shit back together, and honestly I’ve not really been in a mood to write. But in a quarter-assed attempt (not even … Continue reading

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Art: Koshijima Toshiko

Koshijima Toshiko of Capsule. …not sure if I like this or not.

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Summer 2010 Part II

Occult Academy Thus far Aniplex and TV Tokyo’s Anime no Chikara project has been nothing but duds, however they seem to have finally gotten some things right on their third go around with Occult Academy. That is, they actually managed … Continue reading

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Art: Jigoku Sensei

Inspired by Soutaisei Riron’s song “Jigoku Sensei”, a song about a high school girl wanting to bone her teacher. It’s a pretty good song.

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Summer 2010 Part I

It’s summer, I’m officially a NEET, and I have all the time in the world to watch cartoons. Then write about them. Alright! High School of the Dead I haven’t ever seen a zombie movie in my life, nor have … Continue reading

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