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Here goes! Fall 2007 anime picks post, GO!

EPIC MANLY IMAGE GO What have I been doing over the past two days? Well, aside from moving back into my apartment, looking at porno animes, watching “To Catch a Predator” clips and catching up on my backlog, I’ve also … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Oh god so tired

Original Post You know maybe I should get a constant job instead of always worrying about running out of money to spend on useless crap. But enough about that, on to the comic. This is kind of extension of what … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Quick note before taking off

Original Post Here is a comic. Will update with more in the near future. This weekend has been kinda busy.

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Japan is ridiculous!

WHY IS JAPAN ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS?! Reasons as to why Japan may be a completely ridiculous nation: Some how one of the retards from Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl made it into Saimoe… and won her first round! Characters like Yukari from … Continue reading

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Nagi T-shirt

My Nagi t-shirt came in today. Nippon Export said four weeks, but I reckon it took just under two to get here. I bought it online because I figured it’d be cheaper than buying it from Sasuga at Otakon ($45), … Continue reading

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Art Site Update: Character drawings

Updated artsite with some character drawings

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Things to come…

Going to update the character section with drawings that don’t suck.

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Kodomo no Jikan Anime Trailer!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!

Trailer A very promising trailer which gives me high hopes for the animated series. All the animation looks very fluid and energetic, and it should be given the manga it’s based off. Actually, provided the production values stay high, and … Continue reading

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Those wacky teens!

School Days is an extremely frustrating show. This is mostly due the leading man, Makoto, who is one of the most irritating romance leads I’ve come across in a while. Not that I have much experience with the genre mind … Continue reading

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300 is not manly :(

My father rented 300 against his better judgment today, on BLURAY. BLURAY because my brother has a PS3 and we figured it’d be neat to test it out. From all the internet talk about it, I assumed it would be … Continue reading

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