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Comic Update: It’s the time to play the game

Original Post This was one of the backup scripts I had written about two years ago to use for when I’m too lazy to come up with an idea regarding some currently airing anime or something similar. This is actually … Continue reading

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MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 18– The Matt Alt Interview Part I

Download [Audio clip: view full post to listen] At long last, my interview with Matt Alt! At least the first part. A variety of interesting topics are covered, such as Matt’s early encounters in Japan, translation philosophies and why old … Continue reading

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happy halloween

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The cheapness of the SHAFT aesthetic

Anime is a cheap medium. If you think otherwise you’re lying to yourself. However, one of the things that separates mediocre work from superb work is how you’re able to use your limited resources for maximum artistic effect. A studio … Continue reading

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Think of the children

Between Darker Than Black and Black Lagoon, it would seem the only things the Japanese know about Russia are that it is always cold, and they love to make snuff films featuring children. That said, for a show in which … Continue reading

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Stupid things no one cares about regarding ZAN SAYONARA ZETSUBOU SENSEI

At a cursory glance it’s easy to write each Zetsubou Sensei series off as all the same, but they’re actually all quite different in terms of presentation. The first one is slowly paced and eases you into the formula, Zoku … Continue reading

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If I was in a more dismissive mood, I’d leave the blog post at that picture. But no–there are things to be said. It’s been out for a while–I know, don’t get on my case–but having just finished reading the … Continue reading

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Old franchises in the modern day

Aside from Japanese animation, I really enjoy older American movies. By old, I mean movies ranging from the Marx Brothers in the 1930s up until Indiana Jones in the early 1980s. Specifically, two film series that I’ve enjoyed since childhood … Continue reading

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Kuuchuu Buranko (Trapeze) Kuuchuu Buranko caught my attention for two reasons: its very distinctive visual style, and the Denki Groove music that plays throughout one of the show’s promotional videos. I came in expecting something extremely drugged out and weird, … Continue reading

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Comic Update: お前はもう死んでいる。

Original Post You know things are dire when your own characters burn you, amirite? At first the characters were going to be taking shelter from the rain, but the background didn’t make it seem like they were obviously standing under … Continue reading

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