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MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 17– wah goes on like an idiot while lastarial laughs about WONDER FESTIVAL ’09

Download [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Wonder Festival may be long over, but our Beauty Memories live on… in the form of a podcast! The content of this show is true to the title for the first 10 … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Bakemonogatari web episode news

Remember how back when Bakemonogatari was announced, there was news that the show was too long for its TV broadcast, and the remaining three episodes of the fifteen episode series had to be streamed online? Well, I just got some … Continue reading

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Mikuru-chan makes me hard as a rock

GODS, WHY MUST YOU FORSAKE ME!? NYANTYPE!!! Why do you put THIS issue out just after I’ve left Japan?! Ok, the Nagato poster in the issue I actually bought was neat and all, but she’s not really my favourite, you … Continue reading

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My Youth In Boston (Fall ’09)

Background music.

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This modern anime, man

Ok guys, an NYAF report will come soon, with podcasts coming in like… probably a month or so, but for now I need to talk about something of an issue that’s often brought up in my neck of the internet, … Continue reading

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what is going on

How am I going to find time to read all these books in between sitting around and doing nothing, humping hug pillows and having delusions of grandeur about running a Shinbo panel at Anime Boston?

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NYAF is over, here’s a comic by bkub

thanks bkub

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Comic Update: Not Illegal. Maybe.

Original Post “It was said that on that day, one could hear the pained moans of a white man all through Akiba…” “This was later dubbed as ‘The Moaning Phantom Gaijin of AKB’.” I was going to end the comic … Continue reading

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Mistakes of Youth@New York Anime Festival ’09

Badass Gundam illustration by Naochika Morishita, because Gundam is always relevant. Also taken from a flagrantly ILLEGAL scan of his book. I’ll buy it one day! As per the title, Mistakes of Youth will be going to The Anime Con, … Continue reading

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I bought a book in which most of the pages are filled with words as opposed to pictures

But there’s still some pictures. Ever since I’ve returned to the US I’ve developed something of a shopping list of US releases that need to get picked up at one point or another. However, since I’m already under a backlog … Continue reading

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