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Comic Site Rant: My Baby Portable

Original Post Here is the Anime Boston con comic, which puts a lid on my Anime Boston 2008 coverage. Like last year, most of this stuff only really made sense in context, but whatever. I should also note these kinds … Continue reading

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Kyoto Animation you are DOING IT WRONG

Maybe I should elaborate more on that last post… I have nothing against Clannad. It’s a good show! It has nice animation, good acting, decent direction and the writing isn’t totally horrible! And yes, considering the ending we got, I … Continue reading

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Art Site Update: Kaede Bunny

Guys, remember this? Well, I’ve finally coloured it. Woop woop.

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ugh not more clannad

Yeah Clannad’s a nice show and all, but jeeze KyoAni, I’m growing awfully tired of these Key adaptations. Air was awesome, Kanon was great if not a bit dumb and Clannad is fine but… kind of boring. Moar lite SF … Continue reading

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meta humour

So, today I was bored during my New Media New Markets class. While teach was spouting off nothing in particular, I was googling for things. One of the things I googled for was Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Under “images”, I came … Continue reading

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I guest star in Rosario + Vampire episode 11

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Anime Boston Con Evaluation

My con experiences aren’t defined by events, but more by general emotions and feelings. As such, I can’t really write proper con reports, since I can barely remember what even happens event by event. I can however give you a … Continue reading

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Podcast: Anime Boston Day 3

Download Cast of Characters (in order of appearance) Me Seiya Seiya and I geek out on the Final Day. Topics of discussion include second-hand towels, old magazines and trading figures.

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Podcast: Anime Boston Day 2

Download Cast of Characters (in order of appearance) Me Zonaxx DS Zonaxx’s brother Zonaxx’s friend Magusman Random Wanderer Booth Guy A (Asian Hen Da Ne guy) Booth Guy B Booth Guy C Hinano jpmeyer Seiya Centimetre A lot of random … Continue reading

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