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Seven Seas Cancels KODOMO NO JIKAN

nice going seven seas Kind of sad that there aren’t much in the way of scans. I was kind of looking forward to this release.

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Oh yeah…

TODAY IS HARUHI LAUNCH DAY HERE IS A MIKURU IMAGE TO CELEBRATE I asked for special edition vol. 1 for my birthday, which is in a few days. Let’s hope my parents didn’t fail me >:O

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WiP: Gurren Lagann art, Mirai Suenaga

Got a couple of things in the works right now. Since I’m a week or so ahead on comics, I have some time to do normal art (I have next week’s comic already drawn, so I have about 2 weeks … Continue reading

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[Gurren Lagann Spoilers] In His Memory

Spoilers for TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN after the jump!

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Otakon 2007 Status

Am I going: Yes Hotel Room: Got one Dirty ero badges designed? You bet. Normal version, for the kiddies. Meet ups with internet folks: Got a few How many of YOU GUYS are going to Otakon? Does a small Mistakes … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Hatsu Inu

Original Post Tried to emulate KyoAni style with this one. Mostly tried to capture Haruhi-esque lighting. I threw in hints of blue here and there, which I think helped. The art in general is fairly good. The second panel could … Continue reading

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I hate you, California

So uh, Yuuko Goto, Minori Chihara and Aya Hirano will be at Anime Expo. I hope you fuckers in California enjoy yourselves. In other news, us poppets on the East Coast have significantly less important guests for Otakon…

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A few songs of note

Just a few songs I came across today. Makka na Scarf — This is the full version of the Yamato ending theme. I’ve been looking for this forever. Sasaki’s voice is so great. Meros no Youni ~Lonely Way~ —  Opening … Continue reading

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I pose a question to you

How pissed would you guys be if ads suddenly developed on the site?

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A comic about Xenoglossia

Link since wordpress shinks the image

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