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Still catching up on Zettai Karen Children

Watching this raw is kind of a challenge– my Japanese sucks and this show delivers a lot of its entertainment by way of each episode’s individual plot. I can still follow the general plot points, but I miss a lot … Continue reading

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Insert appropriate sucking noises

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Figmas are too much fun

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Comic Site Rant: ケロ⑨destiny

Original Post At one point I decided I was going to make a determined effort to make comics about all the shows I care about this season, and as such I decided I’d move from Strike Witches to my second … Continue reading

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MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 1– Kurenai Attacks

Download [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Yes, it’s true! It’s not a dream! It’s not fantasy! The spectacular, amazing and totally cool Mistakes of Youth podcast is BACK, and this time we’re talking about Kurenai. This is kind … Continue reading

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The fruits of my free issue of Megami 99

Story is, almost a month ago I got the March issue of Megami from J-list. The mag came in one piece, but was kind of bent up due to a poor choice in shipping materials (a thin as fuck paper … Continue reading

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I MEAN SERIOUSLY Is she really popular enough to get ANOTHER daikimakura cover made of her with completely original art? This better mean another Nagi one with MORE SKIN SHOWING THAN THE LAST ONE is in the works, and if … Continue reading

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Doodles from the past couple of days

The loli catgirl who leapt through time! I swear to god this is not Tina. I were to colour this I’d make her hair like… brown. Lately I’ve been drawing daily for a number of reasons: to generally improve, to … Continue reading

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Five figures came in the mail today…

…and I will give you some real quick reviews on all of them!! MaxFactory 1/8 Mikuru School Festival Ver. MaxFactory is known for their quality, and this figure is no exception. At first I found the face sculpt to be … Continue reading

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