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Comic Site Rant: anta no sei ja nai wa

Original Post Was kind of bored so I just decided to post this comic up. It’s my generic Gundam ranting, with fairly uninpsired artwork. I didn’t really have any ideas at the time, but wanted to make a comic, so … Continue reading

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Welcome to 1995

Been watching the Tenchi TV series lately. I had started to watch the original OVA a while back, but it got lost in the crowd with all the other things I was watching. I recently got the TV series collection … Continue reading

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[Spoilers] Death Note anime comes to an end

Spoilers for the Death Note anime after the jump

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Summer Picks

Not related to this post at all, but if you want to see further works by this guy, visit his sexy site! WARNING: His site contains a lot of weird sick shit that I really get into. You’ve been warned.  … Continue reading

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Dinner for Two

Not really a special occasion or anything, I just got some food and thought, “hey, I’ll do that thing lonely geeks do.” I am a lonely geek. Edit: Thanks, Cortana.

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Went out to the CD/Game Exchange today to trade in some stuff. Four shitty Weezer CDs (from when I used to listen to shitty music), an Invader Zim DVD (Jhonen Vasquez is for silly teenagers) and Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase- volume … Continue reading

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Oh, Xenoglossia

In episode 11 of Xenoglossia they go to a volcano to get some dumb idol core out of said volcano. In episode of 10 of Evangelion, MAGMA DIVER (the best episode ever) they fight an angel in a volcano. Episode … Continue reading

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Farewell, Space Battleship Yamato (spoilers)

This entry will have spoilers for FAREWELL SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO. But spoiling Yamato is like spoiling King Kong so no one should care.

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Otaku USA news

Mistakes of Youth will cease to be in OTAKU USA. Old entry was DELTEETED for un-needed dorama. Also don’t bug anyone (namely Patrick, who is a very busy man and doesn’t such drama) about this k? Thx. I didn’t mean … Continue reading

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Manga Release: Kodomo no Jikan Chapter 9

Here you go you disgusting lolicon perverts who fap to images of little children being sexually handled by adults you bunch of disgusting weirdos Also, you may notice there’s no comic today. Sorry.

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