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Chillin’ at Otakon 2010

Otakon’s been over for how many weeks? Two? Three? Four? Five? SIX?! I dunno, I haven’t been keeping count, nor do I have any concept of time. But what I do know is that this con has been over for … Continue reading

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The Great Anime Race

In the great tradition of blogging about anime-related dreams, I would like to share one of mine with you. Don’t worry, it isn’t sexual. It was like some kind of anime game show thing, apparently thrown together by this guy. … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday again. I’m 22, or something. Birthday wish? That Fujiyoshi comes to life and lives with me.

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Become a Ruler of Time: Following in the footsteps of the only god I believe in, I will aspire to be a Ruler of Time. What does being a ruler of time entail, you ask? Well, it involves striking the … Continue reading

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last haul of the decade

Hayate no Gotoku vol 1 Hokuto no Ken movie (x2) Gurren Lagann set 3 Some book by some Jewish upstart who lived in Japan Kanji flashcards Gloves Hat Kure-nai OST (en route) Cymbals, requests (en route) Best Buy money towards … Continue reading

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happy halloween

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Harvard Square 10/08/09

Stupid, personal, Boston-local related stuff. However, since this blog also functions as my personal blog (believe it or not) I figure I’ll post something like this up. Saw Perfect Blue sitting around Newbury Comics for 15 bucks. Should I buy … Continue reading

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My Youth In Boston (Fall ’09)

Background music.

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what is going on

How am I going to find time to read all these books in between sitting around and doing nothing, humping hug pillows and having delusions of grandeur about running a Shinbo panel at Anime Boston?

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I bought a book in which most of the pages are filled with words as opposed to pictures

But there’s still some pictures. Ever since I’ve returned to the US I’ve developed something of a shopping list of US releases that need to get picked up at one point or another. However, since I’m already under a backlog … Continue reading

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