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Art: Hachikuji Mayoi

Click for bigger. Not sure how I feel about this :S

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Comic Update: 100万人のポルノスター

Original Post Well here it is, Mistakes of Youth’s 200th comic. In the end, it didn’t really turn out as nice I wanted it to. After looking at it for a while, and having it run by other people’s eyes, … Continue reading

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C78 Trailers

Comiket 78 was a few weeks ago, and sadly I was unable to attend like I did last year. As per usual, a number of trailers for upcoming anime were screened across monitors in every corner of the event’s industry … Continue reading

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Kon is Dead

Kon Satoshi is dead. No one will see him ever again. He will never make another movie. Ever. I think what’s hitting most of us the hardest about this whole deal is how shocking it is. No one was expecting … Continue reading

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It took me a while, but I finally got around to watching that BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER anime. Since it’s now a month or so after this thing was first released to the masses on a free insert DVD in Hobby Japan, … Continue reading

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Comic Update: Polyrhythm

Original Post This review is actually real, and you can read in its original Japanese here. As you can see from the actual post, it actually has a substantial amount of comments, but it wouldn’t be funny if I actually … Continue reading

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Mitsudomoe paves a path of destruction

About a year ago, back when I was Living The Dream in Japan, a man who will remain nameless extolled the virtues of the Mitsudomoe comic to me. Considering that the comic ran in a shounen publication, it would have … Continue reading

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Art: Koshijima Toshiko

Toshiko again. Okay, I guess.

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Comic Update: 空飛ぶ都市計画

Original Post I want to go back a bit and supply a spot of commentary for comic 196, since I didn’t really get a chance to do so. While this comic as a whole makes no attempt at any sort … Continue reading

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Chillin’ at Otakon 2010

Otakon’s been over for how many weeks? Two? Three? Four? Five? SIX?! I dunno, I haven’t been keeping count, nor do I have any concept of time. But what I do know is that this con has been over for … Continue reading

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