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It’s a hardknock life for SHAFT

I don’t think that SHAFT produces pure gold 100% of the time, but one thing that characterizes all of their works is a habit of injecting large amounts of visual flare on a limited budget. This is one of the … Continue reading

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Comic Update: ‘I cried, “So long, my youth.'”

Original Post I am not terribly happy with how this comic turned out art wise, so I won’t even talk about it! An exchange like this did happen between me and a friend though, and I thought it’d make an … Continue reading

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I am animation deprived and it’s basically my fault

Every now and again I am sadly reminded of what seems to be a distinct lack of mature action-oriented anime. Before I go any further with this, let me qualify what I regard as “mature action-oriented anime”–I mean shows that … Continue reading

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El Hazard sure has a magnificent world

A long while back, the FYEs in the DC area were all closing down, and as a result their full-retail-price DVDs were knocked to near Amazon Marketplace prices after a 90% discount. I picked up a few things, and among … Continue reading

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I almost know Japanese

Allow me to explain my situation: I know an alright amount of Japanese. Enough that I can watch fairly straight forward shows without the need for a translation. Beyond that, in shows where the assistance of subtitles is needed, I … Continue reading

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Art: Baka na Kodomo Datta

Click for biggar. I actually like how this came out. Kind of simple, though.

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Book Review: MS Era 0099– Mobile Suit Gundam 0001-0080

As some of you may remember, I was in Japan almost exactly one year ago! And you know what? I bought a ton of books over there! I’ve been meaning to review them for a good long while, but I … Continue reading

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Summer 2010: It’s all sequels and adaptations!

There’s honestly no point in someone like me writing a season preview post, since I really don’t have anything worthwhile to say. If you want something written by someone who actually has some decent kung-fu, I recommend that you read … Continue reading

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Comic Update: More Respected Man

Original Post Yeah, I don’t expect anyone to get this comic, and even if you do, it’s not terribly funny. I was stuck between Rets mentioning all of the porno movie theaters in Ikebukuro and him mentioning the Shakey’s there. … Continue reading

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One more thing about Evangelion 2.0, then I’ll shut the fuck up

Between that review I wrote a year ago and those podcasts I just put out, I should hope that this is the last I have to say about Eva 2.0. For now. This isn’t going to be long, either. I … Continue reading

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