Summer 2010: It’s all sequels and adaptations!

There’s honestly no point in someone like me writing a season preview post, since I really don’t have anything worthwhile to say. If you want something written by someone who actually has some decent kung-fu, I recommend that you read Ani no Miyako’s season preview. If you want something written by some lame webcomic artist with crippling self-esteem issues, continue on!

You know, the last time I did a post like this–which was most likely back in 2008–I probably linked some Something Awful forum thread with a list of shows, because those tended to be alright. However, since ADTRW has devolved into a congregation of hilariously paranoid people who are completely afraid of any type of sexuality, my source this time comes by way of a faggot who likes to make charts.


Strike Witches 2: I made a grievous error in not blogging enough about the first Strike Witches series as it was airing back in 2008 (considering I have the DVDs now, that may well change) but even so, it should come as no surprise that I really enjoyed the first season of Strike Witches. Moe-centric cash-in series are a dime a dozen, and it wasn’t looking too good for Strike Witches between that pilot episode released in 2007 and Gonzo’s spotty track record. However, it turned out to be a wonderfully charming series with a lot of heart, and a lot of girls who neglect to wear pants.

It’s been two years since, and Gonzo is now six feet under. Taking over for them is AIC, who have a few more years under their belts than Gonzo, and have also worked with Gonzo in the past. However, history has shown that popular franchises moving between production houses is generally not a Good Thing. But with that said, a lot of the core staff is on board for this sequel, and there is only one seiyuu change for a character I don’t particularly care for. Who knows? We may get something even better out of the same creative staff working with a slightly more experienced studio. It’s not as if AIC is a stranger to the mecha musume genre.


High School of the Dead: As someone who doesn’t read manga very often, I can’t say I’m familiar with the original work that this anime is being adapted from. However, I am familiar with DIGITAL ACCEL WORKS, the talented artist behind High School of the Dead, who has penned some of the finest women I have ever spanked monkey to. These sexy designs–matched against what seems to be a tongue-in-cheek parody on zombie films–brought to life by the talented folks at Madhouse should make for a rather entertaining set of episodes that I may just watch more than once. The preview looks good, at any rate.

Mitsudomoe: Once again, I can’t say I’m familiar with the manga this is being adapted from. However, this time it’s more a case of no used bookstores in Japan having any copies of it than me not being particularly interested in reading it. A little birdy has told me that this series is more or less Ichigo Mashimaro, except for way more honest about itself, which is totally something I can get behind. So long as the show manages to have sharp direction and entertaining humour, I’m all game. Considering that this is from the same director and studio that made the first (read: good) Minami-ke, I don’t think it’s unfair to expect a well-done comedy.

I also have a doujin for it, which is pretty sweet.

Sekirei–Pure Engagement: Alright, I watch some pretty trashy shit. I mean, I’ve mostly gotten over it, but every now and again I need something that is more than happy to just shove tits all up in my face. I watched the first Sekirei back when it dropped, and found it rather entertaining, despite ending on a cliffhanger. Hopefully this series will wrap things up nicely. If not, well, there’s tits. And they’re nice.

I just realized that I completely forgot the plot of the first series, but I don’t think that really matters. There’s a good chance they’ll open this series up with a recap anyways.


Asobi ni Iku Yo: This really just looks generic as fuck, and not even in an entertaining way. However, it is set in Okinawa, which could make for an interesting setting. I’ll probably bail after one episode.

Occult Academy: I can’t say that Japan has really been impressing me with its anime’s chikara. However, this offering looks slightly less pretentious, so maybe it’ll be alright? Apparently it has some okay people working on it. But I don’t have high hopes. At all.

No SHAFT show this season! What am I going to do?!

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