Comic Update: More Respected Man

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Yeah, I don’t expect anyone to get this comic, and even if you do, it’s not terribly funny. I was stuck between Rets mentioning all of the porno movie theaters in Ikebukuro and him mentioning the Shakey’s there. As you can see, I chose Shakey’s because it, well, owns. I guess this comic doesn’t actually say anything about Durarara!!, which is an issue I’ve been struggling with. It’s kind of difficult to turn your opinions on a show into a comic, so instead I of doing that, do dumb things like this.

I thought the art in this was going to turn out better, but in the end it’s rather crappy. I do like the folds on Tina’s shirt, though!

But yeah, that’s it. I’m probably going to go through all of the summer anime offerings, pick out the ones I want, and write a post about it. So look out for that… in a few hours I guess? Later!

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11 Responses to Comic Update: More Respected Man

  1. Edward says:

    It might take me some time but I’m sure I’ll get this joke sooner or later.

  2. wah says:

    The joke is that Shakey’s owns. That is the joke.

  3. Edward says:

    I know it came to me during a boss rush, I chuckled and then died…..

  4. Ryoko says:

    So, you actually went to the establishment in question during your time in Japan? Out of curiosity, what’s the best pizza on their menu?

  5. MV says:

    I had no idea that Shakey’s still existed, much less had franchises in Japan! :o

    Haven’t had that shit in more than 15 years now. God it was awesome.

  6. Box says:

    I would love to see out beloved Otaku characters at Otome road ;_;

  7. Emilie says:

    haha! Ahh man, I agree with all parts of this comic.
    I’m surprised i’ve never commented on them before actually!
    I miss Shakeys, and of course Otome Road. I was in Mandarake once
    and this girl was in there with her, like, 7 year old sister? She was trying to pick up
    some doujinshi with the older sister shouting “daameeee!!” halarious.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Hello! says:

    I think I would feel incredibly weird seeing Otome’s Road in an anime for males.

    No shut up, Lucky Star only mentioned it, it didn’t go over it in detail.

  9. wah says:

    I went there once. I don’t remember much beyond the chocolate+marshmallow pizza…


    Uhh, DRRR!! has way more yaoi to its name than straight eros.

  10. Chun says:

    There is a Shakeys in the bay area. It still supplies pizza to various middle school children. And the quality that pizza those years ago as I remember as a child, was pretty bad.

    But then again, the JP McDonalds was amazingly fresh and tasty (Chicken Sandwich with Hint of Wasabi, hype). I’d believe it.

  11. wah says:

    That “owns” is slightly ironic.