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Comic Site Rant: We’ll meet back here in a week

Original Post Yes, for the first time in god knows how long, I will not use the internet. I’ll be away from internet land for a week due to a couple of reasons: 1) because it’s finals week, and this … Continue reading

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Shuffle! US release to get a box

So apparently after a lot of fan yelling FUNi’s going to put out a box for The Best Series Ever. I was kind of bothered that DVD 1 lacked a box, but I had other things to be angry about … Continue reading

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Hahaha, what

Oh man, I just had a dream where Golgo 13 was fighting Lupin III. It was far more bizarre than that, but I can’t even begin to describe just how batshit this all was. For starters tough, Golgo had emotions. … Continue reading

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The seductiveness of Kure-nai

No, this isn’t about how Kure-nai features a loli who may or may not be entirely too fuckable for her own good. Never ever would I write about things so vile. Almost exactly a year ago Gurren Lagann was impressing … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Hannah Montana meets Heroes

Original Post Man, ai-sp@ce sure feels like old news now, but such is the nature of the weekly comic, especially when the hack artist/writer can’t come up with a joke about the news story in question the week it hits … Continue reading

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According to MyAnimeList, Kaiji is the 300th show/movie/whatever I’ve completed. This number probably isn’t correct, as I’m sure I missed an anime or two in my listing, but whatever! Kaiji’s ending was more down to earth than I expected. For … Continue reading

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Bandai saves Gurren Lagann from the depths of license hell

Subbed only, first DVD hits in July. Dub release in 09. Man, I wish I could’ve been there for this announcement. Not like I could’ve possibly been at the NYCC, but it would’ve been neat. I like how they’re doing … Continue reading

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Spring 08 Impressions PART IV

I watched all these a couple of days ago so these aren’t immediate reactions like the last few posts. Kamen no Maid Guy This was a real disappointment. I expected quality gags in the vein of Hayate, but instead I … Continue reading

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Figure Photoshoot: Alter 1/8 Hazuki Dress Version + Bandai Hazuki Trading Figures

This post will probably be the last of these for a bit. For the Alter figure, I auto-level’d all the pics, then touched some up individually. As such, the lighting and colours are kind of inconsistent between the photos. For … Continue reading

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Figure Photoshoot: MaxFactory 1/8 Asahina Mikuru

I figured I’d do another Mikuru figure while I still have the Mikuru background set up.      

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