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A-KO just keeps going, then stops

Being that I am now living in New York for an unspecified period of time for an unspecified reason, I get to hang out with a bunch of the cool dudes I speak to on the internet who happen to … Continue reading

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It took me a while, but I finally got around to watching that BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER anime. Since it’s now a month or so after this thing was first released to the masses on a free insert DVD in Hobby Japan, … Continue reading

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Spaced Out

Even if they’re late in getting the word out, Otakon always manages to deliver something interesting at the last second. In the case of Otakon 2010, that something was the US premier of Welcome to the Space Show, an original … Continue reading

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El Hazard sure has a magnificent world

A long while back, the FYEs in the DC area were all closing down, and as a result their full-retail-price DVDs were knocked to near Amazon Marketplace prices after a 90% discount. I picked up a few things, and among … Continue reading

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Book Review: MS Era 0099– Mobile Suit Gundam 0001-0080

As some of you may remember, I was in Japan almost exactly one year ago! And you know what? I bought a ton of books over there! I’ve been meaning to review them for a good long while, but I … Continue reading

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Kuuchuu Buranko: In our dreams, we kiss kiss kiss

Between a somewhat vague plot synopsis and bizarre promotional artwork, the image I had in my head of Kuuchuu Buranko was a strange one. I had visions of a cartoon in which narrative and direction went out of their way … Continue reading

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Sora no Otoshimono: It’s raining moe kyara, Hallelujah

Even though I was working on compiling some impressions about Darker Than Black 2, I felt a better way to launch this blog into the new decade was to review something a bit more classy. And of course, there is … Continue reading

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Cats make me sneeze

No, really, they do. That’s part of the reason I could in some ways relate to the main guy in Nyan Koi!. The similarities end there, however. But yes, aside from making an attempt to get back on the blogging … Continue reading

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Pizzicato Five – Couples (1987)

Of all the people to write something about a Pizzicato Five album, I am the least qualified. I am neither a music person, nor am I cool enough. However, I’m a sucker for the music enough to write something about … Continue reading

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Summer Wars, or Hosoda Mamoru’s Beyond the Clouds

Before I proceed with this review–and I hope it won’t be too long–I’d just like the readers to keep in mind that my Japanese comprehension is still pretty bad, and I had to pee like crazy half-way through the film … Continue reading

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