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Evangelion: “Now in a shiny metal box” Edition

Spotted at Best Buy while on my way back from buying art supplies. Right above it was this, which I considered buying, but passed on. I guess for $44 it was pretty cheap. You know, thinking back, it probably wasn’t … Continue reading

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Re: Crazy Sunshine

I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my last comic rant. I really appreciate the feedback. The main issues brought up were consistency of artwork, writing style and update schedule. I’ll be addressing all of these now. Artwork consistency: … Continue reading

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Colour class

Anime directors, producers, character designers… Bad drawing of Nagi Dumb Yamato rip-off and giant robot demon thing grabbing a planet Stupid looking robot that is bigger that multiple galaxies fighting a giant head (which has a very giant body) Plan … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Crazy Sunshine

Original Post This script is pretty much 100% true. I’m not sure if /d/ actually did the shitting dick nipples, though. That may be more up gurochan’s alley. Lineart turned out mostly good, with the exception of the last panel. … Continue reading

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The US anime industry is crumbling at our very feet

Image of Hazuki just because Our good ol’ buddy Justin Sevakis wrote a little piece over at the ANN talking about the crumbling US anime industry. This is kind of the same stuff we’ve been hearing for a while, but … Continue reading

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when the kids sing out the future/ maybe, kids don’t need the masters/ just waiting for the little busters, oh yeah. yeah yeah yeah.

Unlike all the other kids these days, I do not have a fancy-schmancy mp3 player. This is because I don’t feel such a thing would be worth the investment (however, considering how often I travel on a daily basis, it … Continue reading

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we can make a happy day

I’m the Scatman

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it has gone according to “keikaku”

This contains some SPOILERZ for Death Note and, uh, the Godfather movies. Yeah.   Posting a pic of Sayu since she is the hottest girl in Death Note. It’s not really like me to be a fan of such things, … Continue reading

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Delay on comic 70

Generally I try to complete comics a few days before the usual update day (which has become Saturday.) However, this time I have hit a snag. I thought I was going to complete the comic today, but right as I … Continue reading

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Guys, I figured it out. It’s LOGIC that keeps us down. If we just abandon all LOGIC everything will turn out for the better! This striking epiphany hit me while I was thinking about the complex themes behind The Greatest … Continue reading

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