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Gurren Lagann is over

…and I don’t really know what to make of it. I think I just can’t really grasp the fact that it ended. The ending is mostly good, but I’m unsure of the events that happen after the final fight. My … Continue reading

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The End of School Days (spoilerz luls)

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I’m terrible

This is the smartest thing he’s said in the entire series so far. Just finished episode 8. It’s pretty funny how things just go from bad to worse, only because these kids are just a bunch of fucking morons. Anyway, … Continue reading

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my wallet has left me in despair Navel is selling a Kaede dakimakura cover at Dreamparty. I will get it at all costs. Now the more sane of you will wonder why I would fork over stupid amounts of money for what amounts to a piece … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: The Grand Bazaar

Original Post Funny I finish this comic right as Geneon’s Nice Boat sinks. Ok, that was horribly forced. Anyway, this comic is a cheapshot, as usual. This should have gone up when I got my first Black Lagoon DVD, but … Continue reading

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In the eternal words of Isao Sasaki, “Goodbye, my darling” More thanĀ  ~200 votes would have been nice, though…

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One more thing before bed

Amazon reviews make for good reading… “ai yori aoshi and ai yori aoshi enishi are such great shows i feel that this show has something for both the guys and the girls and the voice acting is pretty ok, so … Continue reading

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Random crap

Darker Than Black can be really worth it sometimes. That part is funnier if you know all the stuff leading up to it, though. The episode itself was fairly good. The show has been mostly hit or miss with me, … Continue reading

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So, the Doujin Work manga is…

…so much better than the anime.

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Geneon is dead. For those who may not know, over the past couple of weeks US anime distributor Geneon has made a couple of strange business decisions. It started with their merger with ADV, to their immediate breaking off with … Continue reading

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