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I’m going to pretend this dinner was made by Kaede and it was actually very delicious and not crappy. She for some reason went from one state of undress to another when I brought the cake out, don’t know why. … Continue reading

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This is my real life

Thanks Misuzu!

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Review: Really? Really! Clear Sheet Collection

In the midsts of my Shuffle! merch buying frenzy some months ago, I came across this “Clear Sheet Collection” over at CDJapan. I noticed that of the fifteen “clear sheets” available, two of them were rare images that I really … Continue reading

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I am allergic to cats but I love cat ears

JESUS CHRIST CAT EARS OH GOD Less cat ears but Kaede is still cute as hell <3  Man, these things are being re-released. Which means they were released once before. I feel like such a fuckup for not knowing these … Continue reading

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my wallet has left me in despair Navel is selling a Kaede dakimakura cover at Dreamparty. I will get it at all costs. Now the more sane of you will wonder why I would fork over stupid amounts of money for what amounts to a piece … Continue reading

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Dinner for Two

Not really a special occasion or anything, I just got some food and thought, “hey, I’ll do that thing lonely geeks do.” I am a lonely geek. Edit: Thanks, Cortana.

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It is completed!

After years of difficult fighting up on the eroge front, I’ve finally completed Really? Really! I played it continuously for a while, then the month long winter break at home destroyed my flow. After that, I played it on and … Continue reading

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Everybody wishes they could be like me, smart and cool. Handsome, wealthy and so sexy.

Original Post Uncensored version here. (warning, nudity!) The reason why I’m here writing this news post instead of getting ready to go to Karate is because I’m feeling sick, and one should not be punching and kicking other people whilst … Continue reading

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