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Because we have a Genshiken OVA trailer on our hands. Thanks, Randall.

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Giant Robots

Yeah. Now let’s see if I can watch it all. That’s 92 episodes and a good number of movies right there. Yamato is next… EDIT Gave up when I saw how FUCKING TERRIBLE the subs were. God. Shame, as Mazinger … Continue reading

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Pot City

Original Post Yeah, so this comic is about that kinda sorta major but not official announcement about Haruhi 2 that happened forever ago. The writing is bland as usual, so I won’t even talk about it. The Government of Darkness … Continue reading

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Art Site Update: Nayuki & Meer

Original Post Nayuki fanart added and ero Meer (NSFW) fanart added. Eventually this site will get a redesign and an ero-only section only will be made. When I have time.

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I win. (nsfw) I can hear the money running out of my bank account… edit: i’m not sure if i’ve made this clear to you all, but i am in mad love with yuuko gotou. yeah

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Space Monsters

About to board the plane… figured I might as well post a “comic in progress” pic before I take off.

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“Gomen ne, Gunbuster”

I’m taking off for a bit. Going home for the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m bringing my laptop, so with luck I’ll complete a comic while I’m there. I’m not excited about flying there, though… scared of flying. Anyway, I’m leaving you … Continue reading

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A Wee Rant about the Wii

Chances are, if you are reading this review to decide if you are going to buy a Wii or not, it will be really hard for you to find one if I convince you to buy one. My local Best … Continue reading

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Nayuki Fanart Complete

click for bigger version Will be posted to my art site once I finish the Meer ero pic.

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Oh, that Light Yagami…

I like how he’s the only one with dramatic lighting. Also, I think Ryuk looks like Christopher Lloyd. Probably just me, though.

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