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Art Site Update: Nagi Porn

Click on everything labeled new If you follow my Pixiv account you would have seen me uploading these as they were completed. Of course, I censored them for Pixiv.

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WE GOT THIS SHIT FOR FREE, MAN! (09/26/08 edition)

Oh man, last night at MIT they were giving away free shit. Considering I’m dangerously poor, I jump at any opportunity for free stuff, and boy did I jump! Well, I guess I only jumped a little. I had to … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Mars Attacks

Original Post Really, one has to wonder if these two are even friends, considering that they never seem to have a nice conversation with each other. One also has to wonder why Hikki has an Ideon poster. And why him … Continue reading

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Stay Gold

Yup, you guessed it! Another long and boring personal post is coming up, so turn back now if you’d rather not suffer through this crap. I’m sure you have a backlog of Zettai Karen Children subs to get through. Every … Continue reading

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[NSFW] What I’ve been working on

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MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 6– The Serious Makoto Shinkai Episode

Download [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Ok, we’re back. In this show we’re talking about this 5cm Per Second movie made by some guy called Makoto Shinkai. Some pretty deep discussion goes on, along with me not being … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Shoe Circus? Quality shoes at discount prices, why pay more? Bill Gates!?

Original Post I won’t lie, I actually really like this comic. Yeah, Mursaki and Rets Kurenai didn’t turn out just as planned in those second and third panels, but aside from that I like how this one came out. This … Continue reading

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ハッピー☆マテリアル リターン

For some reason, a lot of current OVAs don’t have good openings. All attention is put on making the show proper, so openings just tend to be an afterthought. What you usually see is just reused footage from the show … Continue reading

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[NSFW] WE GOT THIS SHIT FOR FREE, MAN! Oh and I paid for this one thing.

(Note: I kind of have this mental post backlog that I’m burning through at the moment. I have time to kill so I might as well) There are nice people in this world. mt-i is one of those nice people. … Continue reading

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FORMATS NEVER DIE! Attack of the Laser Discs, Beta Cassettes and OLD ANIME MAGAZINES

Ok, so last weekend I was chillin’ with my buddy Seiya over at his place. Aside from just sitting and talking about random shit for hours, drinking Pocari Sweat, and generally just making a lot of noise, we mined through … Continue reading

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