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Cheapness in anime once again (I’ve talked about this before)

The story thus far: Cheap anime can be impressive The cheapness of the SHAFT aesthetic Alright guys, there’s a thing on ANN where established internet personality Erin Finnegan writes about Japanese animation. These writings are usually followed by a bunch … Continue reading

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The last time they had an anime blog tournament was like in 2008 or something

God, I feel awful. I keep meaning to update this site three times a week, but due to my horrible addictions to drawing, watching anime, applying for jobs, going to school, and hanging out with friends; I haven’t had much … Continue reading

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Shinbo has a Twitter

Thanks to a tip from a Shinbo/SHAFT fanboy more dangerous than myself, I have found Shinbo Akiyuki’s Twitter account. What kind of deep and insightful comments lie within the man’s 22 tweet long history? Find out here, in a Mistakes … Continue reading

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The Sunred Translation

Sunred was forsaken by the fansubbing community for a while after it hit, which is why I am thankful towards ANBU for being heroic enough to make this comedic gem available for English speakers. But along with praising their work, … Continue reading

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Before I launch into this unorganized mess of thoughts, I just thought it would be prudent to inform you that this post is in fact an unorganized mess of thoughts. Enjoy! After a year or so, OS (or that guy … Continue reading

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I got an email from about some fuckin’ Strike Witches DVD

I have this old hotmail account that’s basically good for nothing anymore except for MSN and getting spammy emails from sites like Amazon or whatever. Now I usually delete these emails from Amazon without even opening them, but today I … Continue reading

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Comic Update: It’s the time to play the game

Original Post This was one of the backup scripts I had written about two years ago to use for when I’m too lazy to come up with an idea regarding some currently airing anime or something similar. This is actually … Continue reading

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the greatest japanese animation the world has ever seen

[01:23:20] <Llnk> sync_swim: huh high schools aren’t free in japan? [01:23:23] <Llnk> oh wait, only the US has that [01:23:30] <Llnk> pretty much [01:24:04] <wildarmsheero> but thats ok, everyone is rich and happy in dai nippon [01:24:12] <wildarmsheero> everything is … Continue reading

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Don’t get mad at your Japanese cartoon because it’s made in Japan, man

Ok, guys, listen. There’s these people out there, ok? These people operate under an assumption that Bakemonogatari–OTAKU HIPSTER show of the year–is difficult to understand. Further more, these people. You know, these people? They think the people who like this … Continue reading

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New York Anime Festival 2009–Where Men Go To Die

A bunch of other cool guys have already put up their reports on NYAF, and since mine will materialize formally as a podcast (in likely a month or so) this report here is going to brief. I wasn’t really planning … Continue reading

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