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Three Reasons Why I Should Probably Watch Space Adventure Cobra

This savagely manly poster Randall and I found at Otakon: Honestly, with a poster like this, how can you deny the quality of this show? The opening: God, fucking disco dude. So great. It literally smells like good pulp. This … Continue reading

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My Godddamn Room

Sequel to this post. People who know me well enough will know I live in two places– Boston during the school year, and Washington DC during the summer. This is my room in DC. While reading this post, please listen … Continue reading

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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Episode 3

Needed a sub because there were too many words that I couldn’t understand. As far as hilarity goes, this one was probably back down to the level of episode 1. This is mostly because I don’t find Kaede all that … Continue reading

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WiP: Gurren Lagann Epic with some colour

Just copying colours from the official images right now. Will adjust them later to my own tastes.

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WiP: Gurren Lagann Epic

Photo because I don’t feel like scanning this monster yet. Going to fix some things post scan. Things such as Yoko’s body (oh god the curves are all wrong), fix Rossiu’s eyes and probably nix Leeron all together to make … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Otakon 2007: Love and Fire

Original Post Here is the Otakon comic. Report is now posted to the site, and can be viewed on the blog. Podcasts sometime next week if I can divine audible audio from the recording. Pictures whenever. Someone tell me a … Continue reading

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Otakon 2007 report

So this thing called Otakon happened, and I figured it’d be good to go to, so I did. It was pretty fun. Better than previous years, probably because I wasn’t stuck in the trenches and actually got to walk around … Continue reading

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And now…

The SA banning thing was fun for about a day, but the glow is slowly wearing off. I’m sure the same could be said of the nogoodnicks who made attacks on my various online dwellings, too. So, to quote my … Continue reading

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Oh man. Today is just. Man.

Thanks, SA. You’ve made my life so much better. I’m serious.

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Oh, wow

Hey guys! Remember this? Well, it didn’t take ’em very long! Kinda sad because I won’t be able to post in ADTRW anymore, but whatever. It was fun while it lasted! I feel this song best characterizes this event, except … Continue reading

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