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Grow up!

I dunno about you, but one thing I’m sick ‘n’ tired of is old guys complaining about things. I’m talking about those old guys who complain about young kids crowding the aisles of their anime cons. I’m talking about those … Continue reading

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Art: Flowers

Click for full size. Something. Trying to diversify what I draw a bit. I also like flower patterns… does that make me girly?

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Art: Tokyo Wa Yoru No Shichi Ji

Click for bigger. I guess this is inspired by Pizzicato Five? Not really. I just had this design on my mind, and needed text to fill in the background, so I chose the title of a P5 song. To make … Continue reading

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Art: Such A Beautiful Girl Like You

Click for bigger. I’d be more happy with this if it wasn’t a complete copy off of this video. But it was supposed to be that, so I guess I should be satisfied.

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Comic Update: わたしまだ女子高生でいたいよ

Original Post While there certainly are parody elements in Angel Beats, I find the very setting to be ironic. There was that scene in episode one where the main character was hesitating to fire his gun at the flat-chested, loli-looking … Continue reading

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Art: Hachikuji

Click for full size.

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Apparently the power of anime is being cliche as hell

I don’t get this Anime no Chikara thing. Honestly? It just seems pretentious. And I mean that in the truest sense of the word. I think one can argue that something like Evangelion is not pretentious, but you can’t do … Continue reading

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The other p. awesome part of Hanamaru

Before my memories of this sweet little show get washed away into the deep abyss, there was one other aspect of it I meant to address before I was suddenly handed the most work I’ve ever had to do in … Continue reading

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Shinbo has a Twitter

Thanks to a tip from a Shinbo/SHAFT fanboy more dangerous than myself, I have found Shinbo Akiyuki’s Twitter account. What kind of deep and insightful comments lie within the man’s 22 tweet long history? Find out here, in a Mistakes … Continue reading

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Comic Update: I wanna stay with you

Original Post While not a totally widespread practice, it’s become more common to leave titles of Japanese properties untranslated to appease the needs of the 13-year-old Japanophile crowd. However, this practice seems to limit itself to titles which most Americans … Continue reading

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