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Sadamoto Yoshiyuki’s and Takaha Mako’s Dirty Work and System of Romance

Dirty Work (1998) and System of Romance (2000) are two shorts by manga-ka couple Sadamoto Yoshiyuki and Takaha Mako. I came upon both of these a good amount of years ago, but due to a recent IRC conversation they returned … Continue reading

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If I was in a more dismissive mood, I’d leave the blog post at that picture. But no–there are things to be said. It’s been out for a while–I know, don’t get on my case–but having just finished reading the … Continue reading

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The Hayate manga makes a joke about Lost Universe and Gundress

Man, this is such a good comic. Was this joke in the anime? I forget. Reading over the Hayate comic, I’m reminded of why this is such a good series. Putting the comedy aside, each of the characters, especially the … Continue reading

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Children Are Precious 2008

Children are precious. They are our future. We must love and respect them. We must guard their purity. So clearly we must lust after them like the dirty perverts we are.

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Oh, Nagi-ojou-sama~

Ah, Nagi. This is why I love you. Ignore all those other weak otaku who like girls like Hinagiku. They’re not real men. They don’t understand. I understand. I understand randomly buying a giant boxset of a show you’ve never … Continue reading

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Ikoku Meiro no Croisée Vol 1: Lolis in 19th Century France!

Reviewing this manga is a little tough for me. I read through its whole first volume raw, and while I got the general gist of things, a lot of fine details were lost on me. Someone had scanslated about a … Continue reading

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This is a Mistakes of Youth: The Blog public service announcement


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Thank you Sadamoto, for such wonderful Misato-service in volume 11 of the Evangelion comic. Unlike most Eva fans, I do not like Rei or Asuka, but I really like Misato! So thanks! Volume 11 covers the second half of episode … Continue reading

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Comic Books 11/21/08

Manga are comics. They are published in books. I’m cutting into my Special Fund here, but these are the only two US releases I’m really following, so I figure I’ll get them right when they hit, especially since volumes from … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: “Real women are gross.” “Some of them have subtle facial hair and stuff.”

Original Post I watch Clannad, and after I’m done with an episode, it usually doesn’t leave much of an impression me. The show isn’t bad, it just doesn’t really resonate with me like it does with others. That’s why I … Continue reading

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