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American Shopping

I was given $75 for Barnes and Noble, so after buying a new phone and depositing some living expenses into my bank account, I decided to drop by the nearby B&N to scout out what’s good in the US. Man, … Continue reading

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Status 08/31/09

One international trip and a week-long vacation later, we (royal we) here at Mistakes of Youth are almost once again open for business. I know there hasn’t been a comic for the past three weeks. I acknowledged that this may … Continue reading

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Art: Mikuru at the beach

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These are a few of my favourite things

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Home again

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Here’s how you know Haruhi doesn’t take place in Tokyo

Public trash cans. They don’t have them in Tokyo. Well, maybe outside of Seven Eleven or something, but generally there’s no public trashcans. Certainly not in parks.

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Bootlegged goods in AKB

Ok, what the fuck’s going on here? There have now been more than three separate occasions where I’ve seen Fluke’s (even if Fluke vectors doujin images, he credits the artist so he’s cool in my books) vectors of TimTimMachine’s work … Continue reading

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I bought the entire history of moe and it only cost me 2000 yen

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The Great Tokyo Figure Show

In order to convey the greatness of figures to more, let’s say, “normal” people, our buddy Danny Choo decided to hold (past tense, I believe it’s over) a figure display in hipster-haven Harajuku in an attempt to fulfill this goal. … Continue reading

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