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Quite possibly the best criticism ever leveled at Mistakes of Youth

After getting some comments that stank of anon, I decided to make my way to the Super Secret Samurai 4chan Archive Hang Out and search around for any absolutely hilarious threads about this comic. I found one, and in it … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: SA☆SU☆GA☆DA

Original Post No rant today because I’m on break, but here are some quick notes. Kurogane no Linebarrels is actually enjoyable now So is To Aru Majutsu no Index Been making a fool of myself on mixi Gundam Musou is … Continue reading

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Art Site Update: :p

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The cover for the Ga-Rei-Zero ending song single is really well designed

It just is. I love the framing, the colour palette, and the placement of the text. It’s just well done.

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Warning: Zettai Karen Children may just turn you into a Real Life Pedophile and you will get arrested and put into jail because you did a 9 year old in the butt you terrible person BUT THEY WON’T GET ME I’M SMARTER THAN THAT

There is a CONSPIRACY. A conspiracy by Zettai Karen Children and TVTokyo to turn innocent, 2D-loving lolicon otaku into Real Life Pedophiles like, you know, Tsutomu Miyazaki. Just look at the photos they’ve printed in the booklet for the second … Continue reading

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So, like

What does Yoshiyuki Sadamoto do when he’s not drawing the Evangelion manga? I mean, at the rate he’s working he must have a bunch of free time. He hasn’t worked on much anime lately either so… what the fuck does … Continue reading

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Oh, Nagi-ojou-sama~

Ah, Nagi. This is why I love you. Ignore all those other weak otaku who like girls like Hinagiku. They’re not real men. They don’t understand. I understand. I understand randomly buying a giant boxset of a show you’ve never … Continue reading

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Ikoku Meiro no Croisée Vol 1: Lolis in 19th Century France!

Reviewing this manga is a little tough for me. I read through its whole first volume raw, and while I got the general gist of things, a lot of fine details were lost on me. Someone had scanslated about a … Continue reading

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I really want to play Crash Bandicoot in Japanese now.

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This is a Mistakes of Youth: The Blog public service announcement


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