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ef – a tale of whatever, man

The other show I finished yesterday was ef – a tale of melodies. Ugh. ef – a tale of memories, the series that precedes melodies, was all around okay, and ended rather strongly. I was primarily interested in it because … Continue reading

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Will you kill someone you love, because of love?

This post will have some spoilerific Ga-Rei -zero- rambles, so read with caution.

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MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 11– Seiya’s House PART II

Download [Audio clip: view full post to listen] More of my time at Seiya’s house. I changed the recording setting in this one because I thought it’d make things sound better, but they actually sound worse, so I apologize in … Continue reading

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I am torrenting ALL OF FIRST GUNDAM

Those with a keen eye on the ever flowing stream of pirated anime may notice that a curious torrent has appeared. It is a most sadistic little collection of files, containing the first thirty-nine episodes of the original 1979 Mobile … Continue reading

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In the great words of Alec Guinness from the end of The Bridge on the River Kwai, “What have I done?”

You’d think that after watching one whole season of this junk, one would eventually give up and spend their time on more worthwhile endeavours. However, my common sense is forever broken, and I somehow just found myself at the end … Continue reading

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Adventures with my first portable music player

My awesome parents got me a neat 8GB Insignia Pilot mp3 player for Christmas, and the thing’s working great. I’ve never had the pleasure of walking around with music blaring in my ears, and now that I have I can … Continue reading

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The Grand Battle Of December 25th 20XX: War Spoils (The Haul ’08)

Pictured: Gurren Lagann PART I w/ box and core drill Reading lamp Zero no Tsukaima Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo SE Insignia MP3 player Yokai Attack! (review copy) Black Lagoon s2 vol 1 SE Karin vol 4 … Continue reading

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Original Post I really wanted this bad boy to go up on Saturday, but I just couldn’t swing it. See, I was busy working on the comic project that my friend commissioned me to do, and I was hell bent … Continue reading

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Sometimes I fail to understand certain otaku

Before I get underway, I’d like to note that I have very little idea as to what I’m talking about. My contact with Real Japanese Otaku is limited only to this one guy I talked to when I was 13, … Continue reading

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Art Site Update: Nogizaka Haruka and Nogizaka Mika

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