Is she really popular enough to get ANOTHER daikimakura cover made of her with completely original art? This better mean another Nagi one with MORE SKIN SHOWING THAN THE LAST ONE is in the works, and if one isn’t I will literally kill Japan. With my hands. Which are giant.

All that said, I think the illustrations are hot, but I won’t buy it since Hina is pig disgusting.

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  1. roast-beefy says:

    A: She’s adorable.
    B: You are a stupidface.

  2. Go back to your Natsume Yuujinchou fag.

  3. Link says:

    Who gives a fuck? Hayate is worthless moe garbage that has absolutely no redeeming value.

  4. AND YOU, go back to AWO

  5. Cage says:

    I am sorry, but I must respectfully disagree. Each of the Hayate girls is HAWT in their own way, and I guess Hina just has more fans. Believe me, I understand your anger that Nagi doesn’t get enough love, but there’s not really much we can do about that is there?

  6. digitalboy says:

    No, Hina is in no way atractive to me. She is a floating giant ball of pink hair.

    Nagi is…. INDESCRiBABLE

  7. mt-i says:

    I don’t get it either. Is acrophobia the ultimate moe fad among Japanese otaku, or something?

  8. Flamehaze says:

    I think Hinagiku is cute but I’m not much of a fan of this cover.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hinafags are like Asafags, cancer that spreads without control. And so, they have to cater to them in order to make some money.

  10. omo says:

    @anon: truth

  11. >>Anonymous

    Re: Asa– A new figure of her was announced recently. I would have complained but it’s kind of dumb looking anyway. Also I just got three Kaede figures in the mail so I’m good.

  12. tomoyo says:

    Booo. Down with Hina! The only thing she was ever good for was the Utena parody. :P Poor Nagi doesn’t get nearly enough love (especially from the doujinshi circles, as you have so rightly pointed out in the past). At least she did decently at the International SaiMoe competition last year–she probably would have won if it weren’t for that ass that recruited non-participants to vote en masse for Furude Rika and then bragged about it when it was clear that that number proved the amount needed to push her lead…not that I have anything against Rika-chama (she’s one of my favorite characters ever), but it should have been a fairer match. Hmm, I need to dig out that bath scene in vol. 7 now to relieve my, um, frustration.

    Oh, got your mail earlier, didn’t notice till recently due to it being my spam filtering secondary mail (wouldn’t be so if it weren’t for the fact that for some reason so many people use my address to try to get past registration to free sites lately…mostly women in SE Asia…guess Card Captor Sakura must have been pretty popular in the Phillipenes, Malaysia, etc…). There is a good sub out for all 4 episodes of Ryofuko-chan from “Underwater” now. Thought you’d like to know if you didn’t already. ^_^

  13. Yeah, I’ve watched them recently

  14. moonspeaker says:

    >> I will literally kill Japan. With my hands. Which are giant.

    I lol’d

    In any case, label me if you want, but Maria is still my favorite, with Nagi in a superclose second. Hinagiku is……….ehhh.