Insert appropriate sucking noises

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16 Responses to Insert appropriate sucking noises

  1. Rob says:

    I just refresh the page, and this comes up. This is great. It’s awesome.

  2. BrendantheJedi says:

    I go away for a week, and Wildarms sexually molests a Mikuru figma.. Awesome fig by the way. If I had one, I’d rape it too.

    Also, while I’m at it, the 18+ pics of Tina are awesome.

  3. e-imi says:

    Seeing these makes me have a reason to buy figmas now.

  4. Cage says:

    Oh you…

  5. honestguy says:

    If I may make a request, how about the standard “brushing hair back with other hand” maneuver?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’d really used up my best witty comment of the day that’s allotted for you on the other figure pic, so I’m just going to ask why this merits a seperate entry. I’m honestly curious, have you ever dated a real girl, or are you just going to buy the Anna May real doll as soon as you save up 7000 for a masturbation aid. Coz I gotta tell you, those figs are going to set you back a few years.

  7. Your comments are pretty funny, as all they prove is that you fail to understand proper otaku. Go back to your normal, 22 year old US anime fan cosplayer life and leave us real fans alone. Man, you’d have a tough time in Japan. Seriously.

    And no, never dated a girl. Don’t really intend to.

  8. Annubis says:

    Otaku, the anti-overpopulation

  9. Nerf Herder says:

    Yeah…perving on a Figma Mikuru and sharing the pics with everybody proves Wildarmsheero is a real man. I’m crying tears of joy for you. *sniff*

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous is obviously a bitter man that doesn’t have fun with his toys(probably because he doesn’t have any).

  11. Ryan says:

    Wildarmsheero is the figure of a model otaku. Awesome pics.

  12. >>Anonymous is obviously a bitter man that doesn’t have fun with his toys(probably because he doesn’t have any).

    No that Anonymous is a 22 year old female cosplayer

  13. moonspeaker says:


    A bit much, but still hilarious…

    @the first Anon who posted:

    Wow, someone who’s calling themselves ‘anonymous’ while on the internet who thinks they have any level of social life superiority to ANYONE? It’s such a hypocritical irony I can’t help but to laugh my ass off!

  14. Marco says:

    I stil find this pics pretty damn…creppy >.>

  15. k. says:

    Needs moar Haruhi.

  16. korosora says:

    Anime. My anti-drug, anti-sex, anti-social.