what is going on

How am I going to find time to read all these books in between sitting around and doing nothing, humping hug pillows and having delusions of grandeur about running a Shinbo panel at Anime Boston?

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4 Responses to what is going on

  1. DiGiKerot says:

    Heh, I actually just started reading this during my lunchbreak today.

  2. Rotoboto says:

    You could hump the hug pillow and read at the same time. Not my first choice, but whatever works for ya >.>

  3. lastarial says:

    My copy arrived today. I, however, do not have the free time that you seem to have in abundance. Darn kids!

  4. BlueGenome says:

    All that sitting around doing nothing takes serious effort. Trust me, I’m a professional.