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Art: Mikuru Bunny

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Mikuru-chan makes me hard as a rock

GODS, WHY MUST YOU FORSAKE ME!? NYANTYPE!!! Why do you put THIS issue out just after I’ve left Japan?! Ok, the Nagato poster in the issue I actually bought was neat and all, but she’s not really my favourite, you … Continue reading

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what is going on

How am I going to find time to read all these books in between sitting around and doing nothing, humping hug pillows and having delusions of grandeur about running a Shinbo panel at Anime Boston?

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Art: Mikuru at the beach

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These are a few of my favourite things

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Bootlegged goods in AKB

Ok, what the fuck’s going on here? There have now been more than three separate occasions where I’ve seen Fluke’s (even if Fluke vectors doujin images, he credits the artist so he’s cool in my books) vectors of TimTimMachine’s work … Continue reading

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やっと終わりました。お疲れ様でした。 Now, if KyoAni really wants to win points with fans, next week’s episode will be the first episode of Endless Eight…

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And then there was two

I imagine the scene at the post office will play out something like this. Comedy Dr. Strangelove option.

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Plastic Army–Japan Front

I know THE FIRST THING that’s coming to your mind is, “But wah, you already own that Kaede figure.” And to this quite understandable query, I will reply with this–that Kaede figure was the first PVC I ever got, and … Continue reading

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Art: Mikuru

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