Comic Update: Not Illegal. Maybe.

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“It was said that on that day, one could hear the pained moans of a white man all through Akiba…”

“This was later dubbed as ‘The Moaning Phantom Gaijin of AKB’.”

I was going to end the comic like that, but in the end it clogged things up too much, so I got rid of it. You can see that version here and see how it flows for yourself. The store pictured in this comic is based upon a real one that I went into with a man who shall remain nameless.  They do actually have live events where the models come in and pose, but I’m not sure if they do so in bikinis. Either way, lots of scary sites were perused to acquire the sampled images in this comic, but I’m willing to sacrifice it all in the name of ART.

The more astute of you will notice that this comic is being posted somewhat early. The reason for this being is that I will be at the New York City Anime Festival this weekend, and as such will probably not have time to put up the comic. So you’re getting it early! Freak out!

Freak out!

Edit: I just realized this entry was still set as “Private”…oops.