I bought a book in which most of the pages are filled with words as opposed to pictures

But there’s still some pictures.

Ever since I’ve returned to the US I’ve developed something of a shopping list of US releases that need to get picked up at one point or another. However, since I’m already under a backlog of DVDs and manga, these purchases are not of any high priority. That said, there is one thing I’ve been looking to purchase with a great amount of anticipation, and that is the US release of the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu novel. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find neither the normal people version nor the otakukusai version anywhere I’ve looked. Until today, that is. While killing time in Borders, for some mystical, cosmic reason both the normal version and the cool dude version were just sitting there on the shelf. I of course bought the cool dude version without a second thought.

Boston isn’t Tokyo, so I can’t just hop on the train and be in Akiba in 30 minutes. Can’t do that here. I do however make the rounds of local bookstores and such to scout what’s out on the market, and it would seem that Yen Press is trying its hardest to weasel its way into my wallet, along with companies like Seven Seas (well, I actually just want Dance In The Vampire Bund) and–for ultimate contrast–Dark Horse and Viz Signature.

However, fresh out of Japan, American manga is just too fucking expensive. I’m really not ready to drop 10 dollars per volume on a series that isn’t even finished running in Japan, let alone the US. I did however get to the end of Trigun Maximum though… more on that in a later post, maybe.

Despite that whining, however, I able to drop 15 bucks on that Haruhi book with little hesitation, but that’s mostly due to this 20 dollar rebate card I got after buying some RAM for my laptop…