I want to fuck ERIN

Alright alight, I’ll admit it– I’m taking Japanese classes at my school. I’ve been taking them for something like a year now, and this semester I’ve moved up to the intermediate-level class. I don’t know what took them so long, but it’s only now that they’re setting the cheesy learning videos loose on us. The Japan Time’s Genki stuff is pretty dry and bad, but one thing I’ve really taken a liking to is Erin Ga Chousen, or Erin’s Challenge.

The middle one is the titular Erin. The robot’s called N21-J, and the stupid yellow thing is Mr. Horigon. I actually like the robot, even though he’s totally useless, but Horigon can burn in hell. Anyways, as you can see from the image, this shit’s corny as all hell. I do however prefer it to the horrible Le Café des Rêves show I had watch when I was taking French in high school. That shit was terrible.

But yeah, Erin ga Chousen follows Erin, an exchange student from the UK (イギリスから来ました she says so enthusiastically) as she tries to fit in with Japanese society. The episodes are a mixture of B-grade 3D animation mixed with cheesy live action segments that are meant to teach students about Japanese culture and shit.

We didn’t have time to watch the whole thing, but in this first episode, little cartoon Erin jumps inside some rift in the time-space continuum and comes out the other side as a flesh and blood girl with a somewhat less moe voice, but still manages to be pretty cute. From there she goes on to attend Japanese school and pretend she’s a foreigner even though she’s quite obviously Japanese.

The one thing that struck me about this whole affair was just how moe cartoon Erins’ attire is. She’s all up in the ribbons, short skirts and even thighhighs. Nevermind her big beautiful anime eyes and aforementioned moe moe voice. Seriously, who’s her seiyuu? But in the end, cartoon Erin just can’t do it for me. She’s cute, but she’s just a little a 3D rendered graphic. Nothing worth posting on danbooru. After we went back down to the class, I figured I’d forget all about Erin and crew. That was until the professor presented me with what was probably the most dangerous handout I’ve ever gotten in a class.

Yes, Erin has a manga! Manga Erin has big bright eyes! Poofy blonde hair! A smile that could kill! She’s too cute! I wanna fuck her right now! Prof only gave us two pages of this, but it seems like it covers the live action stuff from the show, just in comic form. It’s really well drawn, and I bet if I looked hard enough I could find some Rule 34… and if there isn’t any, get to it… because Erin’s friend, Saki, is pretty hot too…

I really hope my Japanese teacher somehow finds this post. That would be most hilarious.

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12 Responses to I want to fuck ERIN

  1. Martin says:

    Is the series available through normal retail outlets? I’m actually trying to teach myself the language, although I’d also like to find out why you’re making such a fuss over this. ^_^

    And yeah, I remember that godawful Cafe de Reves series in french class too (I guess you and I must be of a similar age then). We also watched some daft comedy movie about a knight and his servant and a show called Channel Hopping presented by the same guy who presented Eurotrash but the best of the bunch was Jean de Florette – Gerard Depardieu is one hell of a good actor (reminds me to track down the DVD of Cyrano de Bergerac actually). Anyways, this comment is going well off-topic – I want screenshots of cute girls teaching you languages, dammit!

  2. omo says:

    Wow, she is pretty cute. Who is the mangaka?

  3. Freelii says:

    For some strange reason, this post made my day :D

  4. digitalboy says:

    holy shit! We watched this in my JP class like almost 2 years ago and I remember thinking she wwas cute and that was before I was even a lolicon lol.

  5. 3x as random says:

    Hmm, I remember seeing bits of this clip also in my class~

  6. kransom says:

    Coincidentally, I caught 10 minutes of this on tv last night and was wondering just how poorly acted and written Japanese tv could get before realizing that the reason they pause for 3 seconds after each cut is because the show is supposed to be a learning tool. But seriously, who would watch that at like 12:00 AM on tv? Emigre hikkis/NEETS waiting for late-night anime to start? Clearly this otaku-bait show is just another piece of the NHK conspiracy puzzle.

  7. Lurebreaker says:

    Haha we watch this at school sometimes. The robot has Maracas :D

  8. moonspeaker says:

    Man, this post made me laugh so hard…. :D

    I wonder if my teacher will ever use this too. Just trying to imagine your teacher’s reaction if he/she ever did see this makes me laugh so hard on the inside, I can picture your teacher looking at you with the Golgo face the next day…

  9. Annubis says:

    Kayo Sakata is Erin’s voice actress (I’ve never seen the stuff, but Google is almighty)
    10 seconds later (yes Google is almighty)

  10. Marco says:

    The fact that you openly admit that you wanna fuck this drawing is a symptom that you may never get any, and I know you say you don’t want to but god knows you want to and you want it bad!

  11. Assaultmecha Yoneda says:

    Seriously, you should make a comic out of this!
    I would pay to see Letz getting a Golgo face from his Japanese teacher!