Manga Matsuri AFTERMATH

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5 Responses to Manga Matsuri AFTERMATH

  1. digitalboy says:

    any collection with Gunslinger Girl in it is a good collection.

  2. 3x as random says:

    Need to construct my list for end of year >.>

  3. moonspeaker says:

    I haven’t read the Tsukiyomi MoonPhase manga….is it really good?

    On another note, I’m glad the Gunslinger girl manga’s getting released again…albeit slowly, but still.

  4. Magusman says:

    All good choices. I approve.

  5. Random Wanderer says:

    Gunslinger Girl’s a good choice. As for the Moonphase manga, I haven’t read it myself but I’ve heard it falls short of the anime’s level of goodness. And Hayate no Gotoku should be a decent aquisition as well. Don’t know anything about the others, but still, not a bad haul.