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See! I told you it’d be the same joke again! And this comic is more poorly written than the last. I really gotta learn to streamline my writing like Penny Arcade. How does Tycho do it? Man’s a genius. Next week’s comic will be actually funny though, don’t worry.The art here is kind of fine. I’m still trying to find a decent way to do eyes. One thing I noticed about most modern styles is that they don’t really do eyelashes that much. Some modern styles still do it, but it’s kind of rare. The way I draw eyes is kind of held over from the 90s. I like having the eyes spike out the way they do, but at the same time I want to make my style look more modern. But first I guess I gotta learn how to draw bodies, lawl.

MIT is screening a lot of things I’m actually interested in, so as such I’ll probably be there every week for the next couple of months. Last night they showed Gankutsuoh and Mushishi. Gankutsuoh looks like it was a SHAFT show pushed up to 1000% and set against Windows 95’s 3D Maze screensaver. And it mostly works, aside from some really bad 3D stuff at times. The story thus far is pretty interesting, and the Count himself is pretty badass. The whole thing is terribly gay, though. I mean seriously. Mushishi is good, just incredibly slow. By the fourth episode was I falling asleep. It’s not a bad show by any means, but they gotta space that shit out with episodes of Detroit Metal City or something. They also showed Nogizaka Haruka, which was the same as always. The guy in front of me panned it as terribly generic. While it is, I would have argued that it also does this, that, and the other thing but I was entirely too tired. I blame Mushishi.

I started reading Otaku no Musume-san again, but this time in Japanese. I downloaded the first 3 volumes raw off of Perfect Dark a while back, and have only recently attempted reading them. It took me about 30 minutes to get through chapter 7, but I almost understood it 100% of it due to the (really tiny) furigana. The chapter was mostly chatter between kids, so future chapters with adults speaking may get difficult… but I’ll try my best! (by the way, if anyone can suggest to me any other manga with furigana that I’d like please let me know…)

Another thing I’ve been reading lately is Patrick Macias’ JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL INFERNO. I’ve had this book since Christmas, but have only now gotten around to reading it. It’s a great book, as expected. Patrick is an amazing writer and can really get you excited over anything. I had no idea the history of Japanese schoolgirl fashion could be so interesting, but it is. Of course, the stuff Patrick covers is positively bizarre, but his writing really involves you in the history behind this stuff. It’s almost like you’re there yourself! After this I may read Fresh Pulp, or something.

That’s all for this week! I’ll see you all later.

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26 Responses to Comic Site Rant: Dreamin’ Dreamin’

  1. crownhalfmoonjesus says:

    Are you aware that Detroit Metal City and Mushishi were directed by the same dude?

  2. Kusashi says:

    I dunno. I found it funny as I took it to be an extension of the last comic. Tina’s over-the-top expressions were pretty amusing coupled with her over-the-top reaction. (Although, I’d be doing the same thing, although the last panel would be more of a side-long glance going ‘Are you suuuure?)
    After all, you’ve had Rets arguing why a ‘tsundere pettanko’ was a more interesting character than one which had big boobs. Tina couldn’t understand him then, she still can’t now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes it seems nobody likes Teh Rei Clon-Tabitha.

  4. BrendantheJedi says:

    The gayness of the Gankutsuoh is something that you can’t blame on Japan for once. Sadly enough, Traps existed back in 1844. That said, the original book was told from the Count’s perpspective, and telling from Albert’s perspective was bound to gay things up.

    By the way, I actually thought the second comic was better than first, but maybe the joke’s grown on me.

  5. Defectron says:

    I think it might be interesting to find out how exactly Tina and Rets got to be freinds. My pet theory is that Tina actually only exists in Rets imagination sorta like Tyler Durden in fight club.

  6. mt-i says:

    Rets is now officially a disgrace of a lolicon. :p Speaking of which… Have you tried Lolicon Phoenix? It has furigana, cute little girls, and jokes that are NOT SUBTLE but hilarious nonetheless.

  7. chibikit0 says:

    On the surface, the comic is yet another “lol rets likes big boobies in znt tina doesn’t believe it”.

    On the surface.

    Note, however, the tirade that Rets gives in defense of his preference for Siesta and Tiffania and how it is basically an “I don’t have to follow stereotypes” speech. The comic is actually a subtle dig at both the tendency of modern fans to only limit themselves to particular genres, styles and interests/fetishes, and their tendency to assume that everyone else does the same thing. It is a poke at the state of modern anime fandom and their unwillingness to let any true uniqueness flourish not just in anime but also among themselves.

    Or maybe I’m just a little too high on caffeine right now.

  8. >>crownhalfmoonjesus

    What, really? Hahahaha.


    I dunno. If I do backstory then this comic will turn into Megatokyo.


    I’ve actually considered Lolicon Pheonix, but never started since the scans stopped. Now that I know it has furigana I can probably give it a shot. Unfortunately, I can’ t really get raws off Tokyo Tosho and I can’t use PerfectDark here. I guess I could actually /buy/ the books, but that involves spending money…. maybe I can buy them when I’m in Japan, or something.

  9. anonymous says:

    meh comic. art is good, you are really catching up with times.
    just one thing though. don’t do that thing where the eyes are always in front of or go through the hair, it doesn’t make any sense and just ruins the picture for me. just look at the last panel, her hair dissapears at her eye and reappears below it! what’s up with that?
    I’ve seen many good artist with that defect, and mostly they just get used to it, please don’t be one of them.

  10. Marco says:

    The hell is a pettanko?

  11. pettanko = flat chested girl

  12. Luke says:

    Don’t worry about the whole same joke thing. Sexy Losers did it, too, and that was funny. Just make sure each version of the joke is well written.

    >My pet theory is that Tina actually only exists in Rets imagination sorta like Tyler Durden in fight club.

    Or maybe, just MAYBE, Rets is in Tina’s head! As is Brad, for she created them for a yaoi project and then got really carried away!

    You can see why I don’t write webcomics.

    Anyway, great job, and it’s nice to have you fooling around with your art style. Best of luck with that. Also, please promise us that this will never become Megatokyo. I’ve had enough of humor webcomics become SERIOUS DRAMA FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE.

  13. Sorry guys– Tina is horrible wish fulfillment and Rets is the loser you’re supposed to project yourself into. It’s shounen romance sans the romance! There, I said it.

    >>Also, please promise us that this will never become Megatokyo. I’ve had enough of humor webcomics become SERIOUS DRAMA FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE.

    Yeah, I promise. I can’t write stories anyway. One time I got a crackpot idea while I was sick and looking back on it, it was the worst thing ever. I may still act on that idea, but just cut out the weird stuff. It’s not MoY related, though.

  14. BrendantheJedi says:


    In before CAD. At least it was kinda funny on rare occasion before the whole BABYMISCARAGEAFFAIR arc. Now its just emo shit.

  15. Hahahahahhaha, what.

    Man, back when CAD started I knew it was bad news. I never liked it.

  16. Magusman says:

    Didn’t Andrew and I read that book by Macias when we were last there?

  17. Tori says:

    Almost everything from things like shonen jump, shonen sunday, nakayoshi, ribon have furigana. ie Hayate, Yakitate Japan, gintama, shugo charara, etc. Also I was surprised to find welcome to the NHK and yotsubato have them too. You’ve probably read most of those already anyway, but just saying if you ever wanted to pick up that sort of thing you might as well do it in moon

  18. I’d love to read Hayate in Japanese (then I could better imagine Nagi with Kugimiya’s voice) but I watched some of the anime raw, and it was too advanced for me. My friend told me NHK had furigana, but it was impossible for him to read. Same with SZS. I guess I just gotta up my JP powerlevel.

    Strangely enough I can watch show likes Nogizaka Haruka raw and understand them like 75%…

    If ADV keeps sitting on their ass, I’ll probably pick up Yotsubato in Japanese.

  19. hiero_yo says:

    I’d recommend Shinryaku Ikamusume (Zepy wrote about ages ago) and Nichijou which is a fun school based comedy.

  20. Author says:

    I was too stunned by the freaky background in the panel 1 in order to appreciate the “more poorer” execution of the same joke. Actually, I lied. I think you’re being too hard on yourself. And Tycho also has bad days. I’m not his fanboy and I see them clearly.

  21. keideki says:

    Tina is very cute in the first panel!

  22. I find it easy to take the two comics as a set instead of the same joke twice since Tina goes from “Is this really Rets?!” to “So you really aren’t Rets?!” it seems like a progression rather than the same exact joke.

    Also, Defectron’s comment adds new and terrifying layers of complexity to the already growing theory held by people who know me and who are now reading MoY… (Not to mention myself…)

    How do I, despite getting nine hours of sleep, end up so tired that I sleep most of the day?
    tyler durden
    That WOULD explain why Mistakes of Youth has been getting updated regularly.

  23. Graar! WordPress ate the nicks!

    <~Baka-chan[3x-as-fast]> How do I, despite getting nine hours of sleep, end up so tired that I sleep most of the day?
    <@Edward_K> tyler durden
    <~Baka-chan[3x-as-fast]> Well…
    <~Baka-chan[3x-as-fast]> That WOULD explain why Mistakes of Youth has been getting updated regularly.

  24. No one says:

    me likes teh eyelashes. don’t take them away from meh

  25. Sibnova says:

    I’m really sorry for this because you are the only person I know of who does an anime web comic and I respect you for that, but from now on you must call him by his proper name ‘TV’s Patrick Macias’, all else is fine tho Proceed. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH.