Manga Matsuri PART II

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6 Responses to Manga Matsuri PART II

  1. Link says:

    You still haven’t bought Blood Alone!

  2. I actually didn’t buy these. There were birthday presents I forgot about :x

  3. Link says:

    That’s no excuse. You should still read it. :v

  4. Jusuchin says:

    You got the last three books for Gunslinger Girl as presents?

    I wasted a paycheck on all of them. XD

    6 breaks the pattern of loli assassins. If you haven’t guessed by the cover…and once again…it seems like only the Treila/Hillshire fratello uses HK weapons…I’m saddened. And it was only during training when I saw Treila wield an HK…

  5. GuardMonkey10 says:

    H&K is VERY overrated. Blood Alone rocks. Misaki is my favorite loli vampire. Eh… I love Moon Phase but Misaki is just too great.

  6. Jusuchin says:

    I know HK is overrated. I’m still a fan. XD