Usa Mimi

I have no idea when I’m going to colour this. Probably soon, though. I’m experimenting with defining various background elements in pencil, rather than drawing the whole background on the computer later. I feel it might make the picture seem more unified, or something. Going to go for a “painted” look here. Colouring would probably be easier with a tablet, but I’ll make due with my mouse… I really need a tablet. I should set up a PayPal donation thing, or something.

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11 Responses to Usa Mimi

  1. Link says:

    With all the money you make from pimping out little girls, a tablet is pocket change. Are you spending it all on crack again?

  2. Cadha13 says:

    Yeah, set up a donation and get yourself a good tablet. Mine is a HP tx2000z. Had it for a month and it is great. There cheap get one now!

  3. Magusman says:

    You should sketch less and make new comics. :P

  4. Generic_Mistake says:

    I would throw 10 bucks your way i guess

  5. Dr. Who says:

    You need a tablet. Your lines, arcs, and brushes will be exactly the way you want them. Go digital with your painting from sketch to final image. If you are extra tyte on your cash right now because of too much moe heroine (so’kay, we don’t mind), you can get a used Wacom Intuos 2 or a new Bamboo for ~$75.

    I bought a 6×8 Intuos 3 because I print my own money. It’s delicious.

    Super special question: When can we view the old GC comics? I miss all the lahffs they brought.

  6. GC comics are gone

  7. digitalboy says:

    OMG HAWT. Holy shit, there’s nothing wrong with the proportion or pose and it’s a hawt loli! Nice! Also I can’t help but notice that you seem to continually get closer to the style of Hayate no Gotoku. That your goal?

  8. GuardMonkey10 says:

    Hmmmm… Not bad there. Needs string or slingshot bikini though. When we going to see a Murasaki?

  9. >>digiboy
    I’m actually just trying to define my own style, but if it looks kind of like Hayate then that’s not surprising… but I don’t see it.

    I dunno if/when I’ll do Murasaki. She may appear in a comic, though…

  10. GuardMonkey10 says:

    Oh YES. Oh YES.

  11. Rin says:

    That real nice!!!!!!!
    Love the sketch!!!!!!