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Art: Usa Mimi

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Plastic Army–Japan Front

I know THE FIRST THING that’s coming to your mind is, “But wah, you already own that Kaede figure.” And to this quite understandable query, I will reply with this–that Kaede figure was the first PVC I ever got, and … Continue reading

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MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 14– The International Conference Of The Lolicon

Download [Audio clip: view full post to listen] I sit down with fellow lolicon mt-i to talk about a number of mostly loli-centric topics. The discussion covers Ichigo Mashimaro Encore, Toradora! (with spoilers), the new Hayate OVA and Kodomo no … Continue reading

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Kojika 2nd Term is a most artistic cinematic experience

All of this is matched to a very slow and beautiful string driven piece of background music.

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Art Site Update: Usa Mimi

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Drawing Usa Mimi

You probably can’t tell, but over the past couple of days I’ve devoted a lot of time to drawing practice. Along with that, I also approached this new piece with a different mindset–something I probably should have been keeping in … Continue reading

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Doutei’s sub of Kodomo no Jikan: Kuro-chan and Shiro-chan is really good

For what it’s worth, I’m going to give a little shout-out to Kokujin for putting out a more or less exceptional sub of the latest entry into the Kodomo No Jikan anime arsenal: Kuro-chan and Shiro-chan. It’s completely soft-subbed, has … Continue reading

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Must… resist…. temptation… to… buy… Megami 104. Must… save… money… This picture would be my wallpaper, if this picture wasn’t already my wallpaper. Now someone needs to scan the Ichigo Mashimaro poster and I’ll be a happy lolicon.

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Comic Site Rant: “Real women are gross.” “Some of them have subtle facial hair and stuff.”

Original Post I watch Clannad, and after I’m done with an episode, it usually doesn’t leave much of an impression me. The show isn’t bad, it just doesn’t really resonate with me like it does with others. That’s why I … Continue reading

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The fruits of my free issue of Megami 99

Story is, almost a month ago I got the March issue of Megami from J-list. The mag came in one piece, but was kind of bent up due to a poor choice in shipping materials (a thin as fuck paper … Continue reading

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