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Doodles 02/23/10

I only post my doodles when they’re of anime directors. Shinbo looks too dashing and almost looks like my dad circa 10 years ago. I tried to draw Sadamoto at the end, but I forgot what he looked like.

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Hahzookee with ice, take two

Fixed the face. Hopefully I won’t screw up cleaning it up!

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WIP: Haduki, with popsicle

I like where this is going, but I need to fix up some things. I’ll do that tomorrow between copying down every kanji I know 50 times, reviewing Japanese grammar and looking up various bits of vocab.

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I think I told you guys I’m doing a comic project for a friend of mine. I’m not sure if I mentioned that it’s a Nogizaka Haruka doujin, but it is. Here’s the penultimate panel. I wrote 目が!! next to … Continue reading

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We’re absolutely lovely, and that’s why we’re drawn poorly!

It’ll look less crappy eventually.

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WiP: Miyuki Konno (updated)

Finished the background. Will complete later today or tomorrow.

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Drill Haired Doodle

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Doodles from the past couple of days

The loli catgirl who leapt through time! I swear to god this is not Tina. I were to colour this I’d make her hair like… brown. Lately I’ve been drawing daily for a number of reasons: to generally improve, to … Continue reading

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Two 18+ works in progress

One and two Because real men draw their own characters having sex with random people. The dude in picture one is pretty effed up. Oh wells. Also still working on some Nagi ero that I started back in June.

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WiP: Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Group Photo

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