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Art: Hazuki and Arte

Click for a bigger version. This is a parody/homage/ripoff of Pizzicato Five’s Kanashii Uta/Triste video. I like Tsukuyomi, and I like the vibe of this video, so I decided to mix them up for some reason that I have long … Continue reading

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Art: Hazuki (R-18)

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Yes, my sweet. Yes, my sweetest. I wanna get back Where you were.

Now to make a post that’ll get no comments at all. Thank God for that, huh! There’s a new Nadesico pachinker game that opened up in Akiba, and as such there’s been something of a Nadesico advertising blitz going around. … Continue reading

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Art: Hazuki + Moon 2 and 3 (kind of NSFW)

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Art: Hazuki on the Moon 1

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welcome home sakura-tan

Newly acquired Sakura-tan wallscroll was stolengiven to me kindly by Seiya when I raided his house. It took me about five or so hours on and off, but I’m finally done unpacking. Tomorrow is Poster Day. Thinking of putting up … Continue reading

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Art Site Update: Hazuki, Popsicle

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Hahzookee with ice, take two

Fixed the face. Hopefully I won’t screw up cleaning it up!

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WIP: Haduki, with popsicle

I like where this is going, but I need to fix up some things. I’ll do that tomorrow between copying down every kanji I know 50 times, reviewing Japanese grammar and looking up various bits of vocab.

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Suddenly I feel like talking about direction in Japanese cartoons (Part 1: Shot Composition)

I’m not a real filmmaker like some of my friends are, nor have I studied film in any great detail. I have however seen Casablanca, and I know what both a pan and a tilt are, so I figure I’ll … Continue reading

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