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Always served hot, because you are the BOSS.

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I missed watching Hayate 2 last night because the TV room was closed and I don’t have a TV in my room

I did however get a raw this morning. I didn’t know that CR was streaming it, but that’s neither here nor there because those douches block Japanese IPs! I got a sub rip though, and I’ll just watch that later … Continue reading

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I know of animation “Evangelion” because of Pachinko game

Hello!!! Do you all know animation “Evangelion”? It is very popular animation in Japan. But I have not watch “Evangelion” until I play the PACHINKO game. Here is picture of “Evangelion” pachinko all over Japan!!! Is not “Evangelion” very interesting!!!!!

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Hotel X

Words can’t describe the feelings I had when the Sophia greeters were there upon our arrival. After a meet and greet we were summarily sent off to a nearby hotel to stay in before being taken to our permanent lodgings … Continue reading

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The Plane

My 11:10 flight took off at 17:30—some mechanical issue. It forced us from one plane to another—both which are identical; except for the at-seat entertainment system doesn’t work. No biggie, but I have no control over the reading light. The … Continue reading

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