Hotel X

Words can’t describe the feelings I had when the Sophia greeters were there upon our arrival. After a meet and greet we were summarily sent off to a nearby hotel to stay in before being taken to our permanent lodgings tomorrow (more like today, as I’m writing this at 2:00)

I didn’t sleep on the plane, so I assumed I’d be able to catch some Zs at The Normal sleep time, but my complete lack of energy use on the plane has left me not able to sleep. The fact that I’m in Japan is present in my mind, but since I haven’t really experienced the country beyond NRT and this hotel, the fact that I’m here just feels weird.

I’m wasting away in front of Japanese TV, which is admittedly mostly crappy, putting it around the level of the TV programs back at home. I did however just witness a Tropic Thunder DVD ad narrated by Wakamoto Norio, so not all is bad. The educational programs on NHK are quite good, too.

The first show I watched was the Japanese “Who Wants To Be Millionaire” which I got into only because I used to watch the show with my grandmother back in elementary school.

I am still without internet access. Once I get to the guesthouse, I’ll hopefully be able to post this epic yarn for all of you out in internet world to take in and be amazed at.


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11 Responses to Hotel X

  1. schneider says:

    >>a Tropic Thunder DVD ad narrated by Wakamoto Norio

    Holy shit

  2. Alex says:

    Don’t be surprised about not getting Internet access (for a laptop) there. More than half of the students in my abroad program last year didn’t have it at home.

  3. Magusman says:

    Wakamoto Norio is awesome.

  4. digitalboy says:

    >>I did however just witness a Tropic Thunder DVD ad narrated by Wakamoto Norio,

    justifies the whole trip instantly.

  5. Sean says:

    Once you get settled pop in to #cd or drop me an email and we can figure out when to go gaijin smash the Gundam bar.

  6. lastarial says:

    I never shook the wierd feeling thing on my trip. So much you think is similar, but all screwed up.

  7. Area88 says:

    I know the Japanese love their comedy so is ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ funny at all in Japan?

  8. roast-beefy says:

    I guess the only advice I have for international travel is to get out there and spend as much time as possible enjoying your surroundings. Never sit in the hotel when you could be out and about.

    And of course, have a great time.

  9. TheBigN says:

    What scheider said, basically. :P

  10. Ryoko says:

    Try to find those wacky sadistic game shows we’re always hearing about.

  11. Hey now, Japanese TV rules. Especially the commercials.

    And if you are American and knew Japanese, that episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire was really easy. Almost too easy. But I guess it was stuff that the average Japanese might not know. They asked like 3 questions about Barack Obama