Sometimes I fail to understand certain otaku

Before I get underway, I’d like to note that I have very little idea as to what I’m talking about. My contact with Real Japanese Otaku is limited only to this one guy I talked to when I was 13, and this random girl on Mixi who is more of a Shounen Jump reading fujoshi than anything else. I do however have the power of fanart, popularity surveys, and the slightly retarded cries of English speaking fans on my side, so hopefully my rantings will have some bearing on what’s actually going on. THE TRUTH, if you will.

Over the past year or so, I’ve noticed something most peculiar. It is a tendency amongst anime fans to prefer characters who come off to me as naggy, annoying and generally not very attractive personality-wise. I’m talking about characters like Kagami (Lucky Star), Hinagiku (Hayate no Gotoku!), Kyou (Clannad), Asuna (Negima!) and hell, Asa (Shuffle!). These characters tend to be tomboyish, naggy, and some of them are pretty generic and poorly handled tsundere girls. I don’t like these sorts of characters, as they posses traits which are not desirable to me as an otaku. However, these characters are wildly popular amongst the majority of otaku, and I have really difficult time understanding why.

As an otaku, aren’t you supposed to embrace fantasy? Where’s the fantasy in girls who are, more or less, like girls you’d run across in the real world? What’s attractive about a girl with the personality of a boy?  Similarly, what’s attractive about a girl who punches you straight into sky in order to hide her feelings, instead of telling you straight out that she likes you? I’ve asked people why they like such characters, and time and time again they can never give me a straight answer. The typical answers are, “you just don’t understand” or “well, she has a nice seiyuu.” My friends, these are not reasons. These answers are what we call “dodging the issue”, with the issue being wholly unpleasant personality traits.

I have a theory– these fans are terribly shallow people who like these characters just for their designs. How many times have you heard about a guy sticking with an unpleasant girl simply because she was hot? It’s a sad story, and unfortunately such a mindset has now manifested in otaku culture.

My friends, my brothers, my sisters, I beg of you; don’t be fooled! This is all a conspiracy by The Industry to turn us into normal people! Don’t let them have their way! Embrace the few shreds of sanity left in otaku entertainment! Embrace the loli! Embrace the doting childhood friend! Embrace otaku girl! These are all characters you should like! Don’t you want to stand proud and say, “Yes! I love Kaede because she loves Rin unconditionally and would do anything for him” or “I love Nagi because she can name every single Zeon MS without breaking a sweat” as opposed to finding ways to hide your horribly shallow personality by saying this character “has a good seiyuu.”

It’s not too late for salvation, my friends!

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  1. Robert says:

    Maybe the problem is that alll of us otaku need to… expand our horizons a little. Go beyond the Asa Shigures and Kaede Fuyous of the world? There’s probably a whole cournocopia of anime women out there who don’t get enough love because their canon is too old, or they’re the wrong genre, or whatever other excuse you might have.

    Take Mirai Yashima from First Gundam forr instance. I love the hell out of Mirai. She’s kinda like Kaede, except she also helms a space battleship! That sort of capability is vital for me in a woman!

  2. sarahvait says:

    >>>>Wasn’t Kaede just as soon to snap and kill Rin if he cheesed her off enough?

    >>Uh… no. She attacked Asa because Asa was a backstabbing bitch.

    Actually, I’m thinking more back to a scene I saw from the game of Kaede holding the severed head of one of the pointy eared girls she had just killed, and about to knife up the other one. Which kinda leads me to believe that Kaede is a bit…off.

  3. tomoyo says:

    Hinagiku bores the shit out of me usually (the only time I really enjoyed her was the Utena parody and the episodes surrounding it). I can (barely) understand her following in any case, and that’s fine, but I don’t get why Nagi gets so short-changed when it comes to figures, doujinshi, etc. It really sucks to be a Nagi fan at times. T_T

    I felt the same way as WAH about Kagami at first, but I warmed up to her as the delicious yuri overtones got thicker between her and Konata over time. Besides, nothing’s more satisfying than seeing Kona-chan own Kagami… The occassional times Kagami beats Kona at her own game are usually fun too, but are often so due to the fact we know that Kona-chan will outclass her later anyway…

  4. >>Actually, I’m thinking more back to a scene I saw from the game of Kaede holding the severed head of one of the pointy eared girls she had just killed, and about to knife up the other one. Which kinda leads me to believe that Kaede is a bit…off.

    That doesn’t happen. Some of the crazier yandere fans have done fanart like that, but Shuffle! is not that sort of game at all.

  5. Also!

    Tomoyo, our buddy SchwarzKatze has us covered

  6. tomoyo says:

    O.o !!


    “Gochisousama deshita!”

    (waits for comike influx a bit more happily)

    Now I needs me some Nagi yuri…(enough potential pairings, already!) ^_^;

  7. Actually, according to my Pixiv account, there seems to be a decent number of /actually good artists/ doing Nagi-centric doujinshi.

    I knew her time would come!

  8. sarahvait says:


    oh, really? That actually kind of gave Kaede a Higurashi edge to her that I liked. But yeah, what you’re saying makes sense. I should not take MADs for the truth. XD

    I guess I’m just not sure where I stand with Kaede, character-wise.