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Today is December 3rd, and you know what that means!! It’s Nagi-tan’s birthday!! She’s a little shy, but she eventually ate her cake. She did insist on the Rei cup, however. You can celebrate Nagi-tan’s birthday, too! And in many … Continue reading

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I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this, but there was a good episode of Hayate no Gotoku!! (the two exclamation marks mean season 2, remember?) Actually, there were a few good episodes, but this one was the … Continue reading

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Hayate, we need to have a chat–it’s about that second season of yours…

Quite frankly? It sucks. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Oh, it’s not been all that bad, but when all’s said and done, it sucks. Well, it sucks in comparison to the first season. On its own, it’s … Continue reading

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August 2009

Leaving Japan in two weeks :( Bakemonogatari: I kind of wished this would be the show where Shinbo would exercise more creative control over the production (a la his older work) but this more collaborative effort between everyone (which I … Continue reading

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Plastic Army–Japan Front

I know THE FIRST THING that’s coming to your mind is, “But wah, you already own that Kaede figure.” And to this quite understandable query, I will reply with this–that Kaede figure was the first PVC I ever got, and … Continue reading

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Art: Nagi and Isumi

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June 2009

Asura Cryin’: The entertaining part has kind of gone away and now it’s just bad. If this episode I have sitting here doesn’t blow my mind I’ll drop it, even if I am past the point of no return. Dragon … Continue reading

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Something is wrong with my Hayate TV cartoon: It doesn’t have a KOTOKO opening song and the jokes are missing, I want a refund.

Also, where’s my giant Gundam silhouette in the opening? Why is Elisa singing a song without Tenmon doing the instrumentals? What’s wrong with this show?! That said, when I first wrote that title (back in May 9th–it’s been busy) I … Continue reading

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Shitsuji Tora no Ana 4: A Hayate no Gotoku Only Event, 05/06/09

First, let us open with a story told in pictures along with some not-very-witty commentary. It took me longer than I thought it would to get there. Not too long, but longer than expected. Resulted in me arriving 30 minutes … Continue reading

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May 2009

Asura Cryin: Moments of expert storyboarding and directing, but the writing really isn’t that stellar. Dragon Ball Kai: Wow, is Goku really getting across Snake Road in like… three episodes? Man, DBZ with all the fat trimmed is actually pretty … Continue reading

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