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Sometimes I fail to understand certain otaku

Before I get underway, I’d like to note that I have very little idea as to what I’m talking about. My contact with Real Japanese Otaku is limited only to this one guy I talked to when I was 13, … Continue reading

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ハッピー☆マテリアル リターン

For some reason, a lot of current OVAs don’t have good openings. All attention is put on making the show proper, so openings just tend to be an afterthought. What you usually see is just reused footage from the show … Continue reading

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I totally forgot about the summer season

It wasn’t until I saw a sub out for Lucky Tousen*: Great Guardians did I realize that the summer season had already started. So, before anything else starts, I guess I’ll list out my picks like I normally do! You … Continue reading

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もっとSparking Now! 強くタフなハート 磨いたら世界は見違える Sparking Now! 高くかざしたソウル 力の限り 目指せ1000% When this single hit something like, what, almost two years ago? I was all over it. But, like most things on my huge anime playlist I forgot about it for newer … Continue reading

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The Year in Review: My Youth in 2007

2007 was really fucking uneven. The first few months got by on the better titles that carried over from 2006, but between April and August it was something of a wasteland. I managed to get my fix for good modern … Continue reading

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