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People shouldn’t lose their shit over drawings of little girls

I’ve not been very vocal on the whole Handley issue on this site simply because every other blogger, podcaster and Twitter superstar has beaten the issue to death. However, upon FUNimation’s announcement regarding their editing of SHAFT’s Dance In The … Continue reading

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Comic Update: sugar sweet nightmare

Original Post Yeah, another comic about SHAFT, but not about Vampire Bund! That said, the next comic will be about Vampire Bund again due to recent events. After that I’ll try to think of something new, I promise! For those … Continue reading

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I don’t blame you for not watching Kirumin because you can’t understand it, but that’s still kinda lame

Me and a few other guys have been watching this show all by ourselves. Not like we really have a choice–a show like Kirumin doesn’t captivate viewers in huge numbers here the USA, and on top of that not much … Continue reading

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Comic Update: Sorry I didn’t make love to you last night and instead fell asleep.

Original Post Yeah, yeah, yeah. Another comic about SHAFT and Shinbo. Next week is probably going to be about them, too. What can I say, they make great cartoons, but they’re also hokey enough that I can make fun of … Continue reading

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