Comic Update: Sorry I didn’t make love to you last night and instead fell asleep.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Another comic about SHAFT and Shinbo. Next week is probably going to be about them, too. What can I say, they make great cartoons, but they’re also hokey enough that I can make fun of them. But speaking of noise filters, the more acute of you may notice that I have been applying it to the past couple of comics. I’m doing this because I think it gives the art some texture. It looks good on my screen, but I’m not sure how it looks on others. It’ll probably come and go according to my mood.

Also, I realize I’ve been rather quiet on my blog lately. I don’t like apologizing for not posting, as I feel one should post on their blog at their leisure, but there’s things I want to talk about and it’s simply a matter of me sitting down and typing them up. This is impossible, but I’m going to try and shoot for three Actual Entries (ie, not art or comic rants) a week. I also have some more podcasts to get out, but Audacity being the influriating program that it is has caused me to make negative progress.

Oh, and just so’s you know Mistakes of Youth will be at Anime Boston at the beginning of April. NOT ONLY THAT, but if you read my Twitter (don’t read my Twitter) you would know that I have a panel there. It’s going to be called The Life and Times of Akiyuki Shinbo. It’s on at 7pm on Friday in panel 309. That time and place my change, so Watch This Space for any changes!

Anyway, hopefully I can drop some more interesting words on you guys soon. Later!