Comic Update: Starry Sky

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Here’s a comic that won’t be funny unless you get most of the references. Heck, it’s probably still not funny even if you do get them. But I like it, so I made it. It’s my comic after all, I’ll do what I want!

This comic was kind of born from me just wanting to reference a bunch of (mostly) old school shows, and then in the end I wrapped it all in a Pani Poni Dash gag that I believe also turned into an old 2ch neta. I figured I’ve already alienated my readership with this blog entry some days ago, so why not go all the way and throw out some jokes only I’ll get? Sounds good to me!

Comiket is approaching with speed comparable to that of the Millennium Falcon, and I’ve yet to mark off my maps. I’ve just been so busy walking around Japan and taking pictures! I’ll try to mark my stuff off tomorrow. I’m lining up days 1 and 3 most likely, and just strolling in on day 2. I know some readers are going, so if you’re interested, drop a comment in the comments section and maybe we can work some last-minute meet out.

That’s all for this week. There probably won’t be comics for the next week or two due to a) Comiket and b) me going back home. So you’re left this one for a while! Enjoy it!